The cpu,ram and graohics card seem to be fine though and it still performs well in games. And I wouldn’t blame Mitac for leaving out the thermal paste. Mio , Magellan , Navman. The drawback is it often repositioned the cursor where I didn’t want it. Assuming no problems like that I’d imagine your Mitac will last well.

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Purchased Magellan Navigation Inc. I have a Mitac. I had one sometime in the past I forget what name was on the front. I need power and lots of it.

Mine is almost perfect cosmetically witth no build quality issues and has a very good spec for the price when new and for the price i paid now. TheReciever Dec 4, What kind of Manufacturer is it? Standard hotkeys for Web and e-mail are provided at the top of the key-board, along with dedicated multimedia keys on the front panel. I’d put the failures down mitqc the latpop cpu. These would be added by whoever sells the notebook to the end user.

Mitac generally sell their laptops to independant resellers such as Evesham, Tiny, Time and Novatech in the UK amongst others, who then badge them as their own and sell them.


Alienware 13 Laptops Coupon Redemption: MioMagellanNavman. So Novatech were to blame! In Commonwealth Publishing Co.

Hot new lappy from Mitac – Laptop – News –

Share This Page Tweet. However, this score compares well against similarly configured notebooks we have seen. I’ve had a couple of laptops of this nature from Novatech Mitac and Hi-grade and they seem to be perfectly well made with good features and hardware. Do you already have an account? This transformation resulted to the organization changed afterward.

These work as part of an “instant on” media player, which will only play music CDs since there is no monitor output and your hard drive is not accessible.

Mitac notebooks… What kind of manufacturer is Mitac?

By MiTAC was promoted as an independent computer brand. And I wouldn’t blame Mitac for leaving out the thermal paste. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. The contrast is lacking a little in games, but it’s nothing a bit of gamma correction won’t fix.


I’m not sure how old it is as I got it second hand, maybe three years?

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Ultra Male Sep 3, View our privacy policy before signing up. The cpu,ram and graohics card seem to be fine though and it still performs well in games.

Other than that the screen connections seem to be slightly dodgy, with the odd slight colour distortion a particular shade of blue seems to flicker and the bottom left sometimes has a red tint to it.

In purchased the system integration and assembly businesses from Synnex Corporation. Views Read Edit View history. Announced in the taking of a stake in well-known American computer motherboard design house Tyan, thereby entering the market for high-end motherboards.

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Notebook and Tech Bargains. Watch out, Novatech have never heard of thermal paste!

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