I guess I’ll just have to wait for Chamsys to get with the program. I’m using the Ethernet version of the enttec box, and it’s also a bit finnicky, but once I get the signal path going, it’s rock-solid. This post has been edited by harrison Blue Room Technical Forums Limited. Please login or register. I’ve been using a pair of USB pros for a year before I began buying the wings. As far as Chamsys – you only have to make sure your patch is correct and check the outputs.

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On a PC, it should be plug dnttec play. The software runs sometimes sits for a minute or so then resumes but once it gets going its fine. Alexander Schranz Newbie Offline Posts: If you want to use the USB dongle you just have to downgrade to 1.

I’ve tried everything I can think of and read for the last 4 days with no luck. If anybody needs to know more, I’ll be watching this thread intently! Check the “output” pane in magicQ to make sure you’re really spitting out DMX.

My enttec box will show all the proper blinking LEDs, but maficq doesn’t put out a signal unless I do those two steps. I’m really at my wit’s end here with a show this weekend.


You’re getting a Pearl? Its been a bit of a nightmare using something else than a good old strand ,agicq in familiar halls but 5 mins before the show everything came together and it worked out not too bad.

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I cannot get the lights in the venue to work using my setup, however the GLP showdesigner in the venue does work though only partially as someone has pulled all the sliders off Community Forum Software by IP. If Chamsys say it should work, then it should work.

This post has been edited by acoppenolle: It only goes into “real mode” or whatever it’s called, when you have a chamsys wing attached. For a mac, you do have to force a driver, but its been textbook for me.

Please note this is all the kit I have available to me, anything else will need to be bought before the show tomorrow evening. I think starting from 1. Thanks for the reply, Alex.

Posted 07 December – Blue Room technical forum: I am running the channel desk demo program that is in the demo file when I go to load show, and when I bring up 1 THRU FULL not a single par can goes on despite the software saying that they should be.


I’ve had mine default to disabled once or twice. Tom Baldwin, on 05 December – I’ll call them tomorrow. Skin and Language Theme: As stated above, Demo mode doesn’t mean that much to you.

This post has magica edited by Tom Baldwin: I enttex ran the robedemo sample shows that were suppled and I have had fun playing around with them in the visualiser version. As for the DMX addresses? Either make up a 3 pin cable yourself and insert it inline with your MagicQ rigor borrow a phase change cable from any tame soundies you can find.

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Please login or register. I’m using the Ethernet version of the enttec box, and it’s also a bit finnicky, but once I get the signal path going, it’s rock-solid. There are two things I have to do every time I re-start the laptop behaves the same on mac and pc: I knew things like this nettec happen when I switched to a Mac.

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