But every time the unit has been turned off completely, the customization is gone when I power the unit back up. When I try the “Full Screen” option under the appropriate menu, the window disappears. According to Magellan, with post-processing the accuracy of your features is m in X and Y. This creates a folder Mobile Mapping v2. Nice review and thanks for the link ;- You write “control the path the router chooses”, you can actually remove a road section, that can help. Maybe I should have resisted the temptation. Plan et Index Le Glossaire.

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Can anyone point me to a good WinCE web site? I finally figured out how to make the task bar go away and come back. Thanks, I’ll try to install again this evening. Loading time when manipulating tracklogs Options for tracklogs are well hidden and activesgnc wholly satisfying. When I try the “Full Screen” option under the appropriate menu, the window disappears. VantagePoint software is unreliable and crashes frequently. Here you will find a folder with activwsync name, containing the shapefiles you edited in the field, e.

I would start investigating by connecting another device that supports ActiveSync and see if that is recognized. I am poor at describing the problems I am seeing because this is the first time I have ever used a WinCE device.

You are commenting using your WordPress. If such a folder does not exist, create it. Views Read View source View history.


GpsPasSion Forums – MioPocket 3v50 ActiveSync – Magellan Maestro

Any one with ideas where i can get the maps. Originally posted by AlephNull I don’t know whether the processor in the is considered powerful, moderate, or just adequate for its primary job.

I tried on MAgellan but without success, I want to know is it possiblle to erase all soft from the unit and put windows Ce Core 5 original and than i will manage to use IGO from SD card or do you have maps that i can use on Magellan software exe file in Magellan is “Navigator”or activssync you have any other idea for me!?

The video quality is impressive. I’ll try to search for a solution on the mentioned link. Running an application like OziCE makes good sense as it supports things like topo maps but another road mapping application makes little sense to me.

Windows CE Core 5 on GPS unit Magellan

This page was generated in 3,48 seconds. I just got the day before yesterday and I am still learning about it. Do you have a screen snapshot program that runs in this environment or natively that will activesyjc with the navigation screens?

In short, post-processing compares the data you collected in the field to reference data from a GPS base stations and adjusts your data accordingly. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. In practive I found it to be even better.

Is it possible that running explorer AND the shell at the same time uses too much of the system resources? I have had hang problems with the unit that required repeated Resets.


Windows CE Core 5 on GPS unit Magellan

On captce, you need to click on the icon then click on the screen to make the bar disappear, got to be quick, you could also use the Microsoft remote display program that could be downloaded in one of the plus packs on their site, don’t have the link handy, sorry. Changing batteries in the wrong order may cause memory erasure with loss of track log data.

Open the folder Mobile Mapping v2.

Welcome to the forum! Download the MobileMapper Office 2.

Appears only to be usable for additional map data, and viewing geotagged pictures. Select Forum News – www. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Any changes there and your RM could be toast – you have 5Gb of space available on HDD4 to store movies or maps for OziCE After the first customization, the screen will switch off after 10 seconds, press any key to bring it back up, once you’ve launched TNShell. Now we are going to move our data from the Magellan to the PC and post-process it to improve spatial accuracy.

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