It was a prize in a programming competition. The above described problem does not apply to 2. Originally posted by FogleBird: Ola Lindberg olalindberg wrote on Computool computool wrote on

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Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. Previous kernel versions all work fine. After a “Suspend”, the wireless doesn’t work anymore.

Peter Selinger: Linux on an IBM Thinkpad X31

Wow, congrats on winning that ThinkPad! Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. I’ll probably buy these things next week sometime. I have searched the entire Lenovo site so I think as well as the net to NO avail.

Erik, thank you for you comments If anyone would like to report that the problem is reproducible with a particular upstream kernel version, I’d be happy to try to isolate the bad diff and make the fix backportable to Hardy.

I didn’t see anywhere online to buy them, though Fixed with Fred’s blacklist suggestion: Passwords or encryption keys are required to access the wireless network ‘XXXX’.


Posting from my new IBM Thinkpad X31! (pics!) – Ars Technica OpenForum

Message 3 of 8. Ive formatted and decided to setup ubuntu instead of windows for the god knows what time but as always something has to go wrong, its like the world doesn’t want me using linux heres all the output i can think of, tried to disable geode-aes and padlock-aes as was suggested here in the forums somewhere they are listed in modprobe -l but not in the modprobe modules filetried installing xp again and linx firmware, need ideas ppl don’t wanna give up and go back to windows.

Message 5 of 8. There is no need for screws to fasten the miniPCI card. Other laptops can connect ok but not this X Alain Robillard arentoine wrote on I observe the same symptom in the Debian experimental 2.

Pandaren Ars Scholae Lunux Registered: May 3rd, 1. WinXP is on it now, blech! Changed in linux Mandriva: Tue May 18, 7: Join Date Aug Beans 1.

I subsequently had a look into this, and whiile I can no longer remember the exact details, I believe I discovered that the wireless chipset that came with the Thinkpad X31 had only very basic support in Linux.


Is that what you use?

And it works perfectly well: Message 8 of 8. If some body knows anything, please let me know.

Posting from my new IBM Thinkpad X31! (pics!)

The aironet card on my ThinkPad T30 works fine with the new kernel. Finally I tried Fred’s solution:. Wireless on IBM Thinkpad X31 Hi all, ive been cracking at this for days now, can’t get wireless to work on my ibm thinkpad x31, the wireless card is Cisco Aironet Wireless Kernel team bugs Please let us know immediately if this newer 2. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies.

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