Scroll Lock indicator utility for Windows – ThinkPad Battery The battery included with the T43 is a standard 6-cell Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. The specific ThinkPad T43 being reviewed here has the following specs:. Patch to fix compatibility issue between Client Security Solution 8. Actually using the finger reader is relatively easy. ThinkPad T43 Screen view larger image. Moving away from the rational factor and onto the usability factor, the biggest concern I had with the biometric security was that it would be a pain to get things setup.

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Clever internal design and placement of vents goes a long way to keeping the T43 cool enough. Scheduler patch to fix the tvtsched.

IBM ThinkPad T43 Review (pics, specs)

The battery included with the T43 is a standard 6-cell Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. Above the main keyboard are a few hardware buttons: Visit our network of sites: Survey Results from PCWorld. These metal hinges ensure that there is no screen wobble, even when on a turbulent plane ride. ThinkPad T43 Screen view larger image The screen quality and brightness is middle of the road. With the pointing stick the cursor goes exactly where you want it, and if it begins to act funny and not go where you want it to, simply let go and the machine recalibrates the pointing stick automatically.


The TrackPoint navigation featuring a pointing stick, touchpad and multiple mouse buttons lets you choose your favorite way to navigate the cursor on the screen. I recently used a Dell Inspiron m and on the left palm rest the heat build was a big annoyance at best, uncomfortable at worst.

I ran the program HD Tune http: For a white paper resource that covers all the advantages of biometric security check out this link: By now everyone has likely heard about the fact that Lenovo, a Chinese computer manufacturing company, has bought the PC division of IBM. ThinkVantage Password Manager 4. No loud vacuum cleaner sounds here.

The ThinkPad 43 does not end the streak of disappointing laptop speakers. ThinkPad T43 front-side view larger image. The Super Pi program simply forces the processor to calculate Pi to a selected number of digits of accuracy. Update for Rescue and Recovery versions 2. We use Super Pi to get a benchmark of processor speed. UltraNav driver for Windows NT 4. ThinkPad T43 Screen view larger elnovo.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T43 Touchpad Palmrest 13r | eBay

What Lenovo will be doing over the next 5-years is figuring out how to get costs of production down while maintaining the ThinkPad brand and quality, not a small feat by any means. Using these for passwords is very insecure and hackers will get into your machine in seconds if they know just a little bit of personal information about you.


This is very good, many manufacturers will give just a year unless you want to cough up more money. ThinkPad T43 back-side view larger image. Headphone out and microphone in ports are sandwiched between the Ethernet port and fan vent.

Audio driver for Windows NT 4. However, the design team, marketing team and product development team will all stay the same for the ThinkPad brand. Calculating to 2 million digits is our benchmark:.

Windows 7 32bit Windows 7 bit Windows 8 bit Windows 8 bit Windows 8. Input and Output Ports Below are some pictures of each side of the ThinkPad T43 that displays what ports we have on each side of the notebook. The modem and Ethernet jacks reside next to the Toucnpad port. Lfnovo and Recovery 4. The bottom does get warm after a while, but not to the point of discomfort if you are using it on your lap.

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