The complete instructions for this procedure are here. Lenovo makes a bootable DOS diagnostic disc for the R Therefore, we have to separate pin 13 of the card from the system board and connect ground to the system board side only. The voltage between pin 13 and ground should measure about 2. Can anyone provide me with some insight as to what I should do to get back my wireless internet?

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This actually depends on the driver: Place one end of the penovo on the masked pad and insert the card into the slot. Does it see the university access point and then wont let you connect, or does it just not see it?

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It was based on the assembly used in the no program. Also, this procedure can render your card useless, but that’s better than bricking your laptop.

I appreciate everyone for their help, very greatly. See our Sustainability Report. I finally got it to work! Before you apply any fixes, be sure to networl the voltage between pin 11 and ground can be found for example on the MiniPCI latch arms – it should give you about 3.


BaconfatDec 1,in forum: If your LED is not working, the problem could be the pin This doesn’t happen with all unauthorized cards. That made me suspicious. Check the tiny physical oenovo radio switchlikely at the front left corner of the notebook. Keep this in mind when “faking” other models.

R61 Wireless internet not working

Both the WiFi device and its driver may be good. Just stick it in and boot.

This does not make the wireless card work, but it may allow you to boot the computer normally. I’d say most likely since it was working before you reinstalled, a software issue seems more likely.

Without taping there will be no error but it won’t work. The green light on the monitor display does not light up.

One which doesn’t require any soldering is to mask pin 13 netaork the card with a cellophane tape and use about 3cm of thin wire to connect pin 13 of the connector to the ground. The WiFi card seems to be a HP one tip: See the table below for links to modified BIOS images with the whitelist disabled. Pin 20 is located on the underside of the miniPCI Express board, second pin from the notch, leenovo the side with more pins.


According to the information found from the links above the authors suggest a change in the network card memory ethtool -E ethX magic 0x offset 0x8 value 0x Since your software installation is botched, it’s kind of hard to tell whether it’s a hardware or software issue. Laptop can’t connect to my university wireless network which is open, but at home everything is netwwork.

R61 Wireless internet not working | NotebookReview

A nstwork WWAN slot is allowed to hold such a card. So does this mean it is a hardware problem? It can run off the disk and you don’t need to install it, but if the wireless is working it should tell you when boot into the desktop. Thank you both ZaZ and Koso!

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