Then, Import Wizard on importing gets this option from a user the default is equal to ANSI code for current “system locale”. This content is available under GFDL. By in-place we mean opening. Currently, importing table schemas and data is supported using import driver MS Access data types are carefully mapped to Kexi data types from. Below we only provide links to description pages. Note that the Kexi Team is not responsible for quality of 3rd-party binary packages. To install it, use the following command, before running emerge:.

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Kexi Packages for Linux and BSD

I believe it will open mdb files as it is. Updated kexi only a few days behind releases. My opinion is that, if these are mission critical databases you should just leave it to Windows and access. This will create a tarball in a new directory called keximdb-tmp.

When it comes to the point where the business is to be done, kexi just gracefully leaves the scene and I’m back on the desktop.

This content is available under GFDL. To re-run the script, first delete keximdb-tmp. I have used it a little I design databases at work in MS Access and find it is very much like access. But any suggestions are still very welcome – I’m not prepared to give in just now. I tried that first. Wait a moment, and take a look at following kdb. This is because koffice-libs it not installed on your ubuntu install.


I would try pulling in tables first and see how that goes. The list below may be obsolete.

Yeah – you have a point there. You can donate to Kexi Project: I would also use Open Office’s database program as it is more compatible with access from what Mdbb have read. Debian packages are available from the official Debian repositories, and can be installed using apt-getor your preferred package management tool on Debian.

Kexi Project – “Microsoft Access for Linux” – Development

There is undocumented feature in MSA allowing to kexl and export full definition of a single object to a file. For average Joe user this topic looks quite simple: Funny, but intellisense “knows” about the signature of the methods while you entering the args.

Thanks for reacting lt. KexiDB driver is planned first, read-only versions will be developed.

What version of Access is the database in now? After you add the repo and it syncs with zenworks, go into Software Management in Yast and type in kexi in the search box. I’m trying to find out what is possible I recently had a similar problem.


Importing queries, forms, reports and web pages is not yet supported.

This allows to import, e. On Windows the driver is bundled in the installation package.

[ubuntu] MDB Import in Kexi – not working. [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I develop and maintain loads of Access databases here as part of my job. Package status for Kexi in Gentoo. In fact you can use Object browser to find these methods and many other: Have you tried open office’s database? Much of the work in it’s development involved making it build kexo the Kexi source tree, including making KexiDB install development files. Spread the word about Kexi!

However, every time I do attempt this, kexi goes with me through the initial screens.

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