Hi, I have an HP which I don’t use anymore because it didn’t want to turn-on anymore. Usually paper is drawn in but clearly something is dying. Noise resumes every time I power on, with machine unusable. You will be better off long term with a PSC What I buy and recommend are printers that will not automatically go to the landfill when the cost of repair is considered.

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Select the closest length and diameter. The problem is the same in both. It’ll have to wait though.

Hope that helps a bit. I found your clean-out-the -service station tip. Now I am back up and running. If you get the printer back in operation remove the scanner glass and clean the underside and the mirror in the slot next to scanner lamp using a cotton swab.

Tried different power cords and removed the printer cable to eliminate any possibility of a short. Because of this, we work hard to ensure our HP cartridges are always available at the lowest possible prices. The cut-off for next working day delivery is 4: I took it in and out a few times. The glass is held in place by four T20 Torx head screws, two in the front under small covers and two in the rear. I keep turning it off and on.


Is this designed to fit permanently once attached, or is there a trick to it? In short, our HP c cartridges are the best around, in every sense of the word.

hp officejet pro 1150c

Best headphone deals for Christmas: Tablets by Dan 11550c 8 days ago. Its like a new one. This printer has not printed this crisply since it was new. Now my late Victorian PC is about to die. You may be able to compensate for the aging by cleaning the bulb and mirror in the slot parallel to the bulb.

I hope that someway you can be repaid for your good advice.

HP OfficeJet Pro C / Office Jet Pro C Compatible Ink Supplies

I can see the scanner belt vibrating madly. You can replace jrt fairly easily yourself if you want to spend that much money. It’s a little messy so you may want to wear latex gloves. Alicante, South East Spain! Nothing is too much trouble at Printerland.


I purchased my office jet pro C in and have never experienced any problems since day one. Hi there, Has any one any bright 11550c I bought it at an auction 6 years ago for next to nothing and have tried a couple other ones in those years but always go back to it. Go to the hp site. The printer is dead other than the little green lite now.

I am also having issues with HPc that prints only red and black. It only lites the little green lite now.

Anyone with an idea I would very much appreciate a hint from on what to look for. Printing stops half way down the page and does not eject the paper correctly Seems the printer still shows the same 1105c on a different and faster computer even after another clean.

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