Server Safety Information To reduce the risk of bodily injury, electrical shock, fire, and equipment damage, read this document and observe all warnings and precautions in this guide before installing More information. A periodic functional check is warranted. Put on gloves and protective eyewear. Device is auto-zeroing after power-up. Device immediately powers off when disconnected from mains. The IQvitals PC does not support a thermal printer.

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Prepare the enzymatic detergent, or disinfectant solution, according to the manufacturer s instructions and in separate containers. Pictures show underside of main board.

Check for kinks in the blood pressure hose if the device reports a measurement iqvifals. Be sure that the power cable and pump switch cable are not caught underneath the main board as it is screwed down. Bluetooth Wireless technology Compact design fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than 2 oz.

Caution Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the operational procedures of the device prior to use. D Removing the Main Board The BP circuitry contains a calibration potentiometer that is set at the factory. However, touch panel calibration is required after the replacement of the display or processor board.


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Elevated levels of carboxyhemoglobin or methemoglobin can result in inaccurate pulse oximetry readings. Start display at page:. Prepare a Calibrated Water Bath at approximately Patient s pulse signal has persistent variability due to arrhythmia or valvular problem. Center the pump over the outline on the new board. Device is not powered on. If problem persists, replace probe well switch which is part of the Temp Assembly most likely or I-O Board possible.

D Specific Part Installation To separate the main board and rear cover: Open the unit by removing the battery door two screws from the rear of the unit to expose all four screw holes. Install all screws in new rear cover. Attempting to do so may permanently damage the equipment.

Reattach the I-O board to the main board, taking great care to line up the pins correctly.

IQvitals Supplies by Midmark

General Troubleshooting s As a general rule, it is good idea to power-cycle the device to see if a problem persists. Lithium batteries and electronic components should be recycled appropriately. Keep this instruction manual for future reference.


Prohibition against eavesdropping All jurisdictions have specific laws and regulations relating to the use of cameras and video recorders.

Click Start BP Meas, and wait for measurement to complete. Follow the instructions in the Disposal section of the devices Operation Manual when any IQvitals device is taken out of service.

See the Troubleshooting section of this Service Manual for each code s appropriate corrective action. An explosion hazard exists if the monitor is used in the presence of flammable anesthetics.

IQvitals USB (Driver Removal) – Download

An obstruction in the hose may interfere with inflation and deflation, resulting in inaccurate readings. This will remain stable for the life of the product and is not field serviceable. An accuracy check of the temperature circuitry should be conducted annually.

Connect the battery bua bua More information. Power cycle the device. Unscrew both metal brackets two screws eachand remove them.

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