I’m currently considering my options for how to reduce the end-user price while leaving a little something for myself too. BT 3 dongles work. The development has been an ongoing process, with new features and bug fixes introduced on a regular basis. In this situation, we need to link the IOIO library to our project, as outlined in the next step. No luck with anything.

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Sometimes the error will tell you exactly what’s wrong and sometimes the errors are more obscure. The Android device should show that USB debugging is connected in the notification bar, in addition, ioiio Android should indicate it is charging. There’s also improved circuitry for cleaner analog input and better protection against user error you can still fry it if you really want to: BT 3 dongles work. The easiest way to get the apk file on your device is to plug the device into your computer.

Because i am unable to find any bookonly video is uploaded. Links Forum Bazzar Blog Contact us.

IOIO-OTG board review

I don’t know many people who would do that for the community, and to be honest I don’t even know if I could have done it myself, if I had invested lots of time into a project Please read the instructions carefully, they are found in the link below:. Your email address will not be published.


The winodws has been an ongoing process, with new features and bug fixes introduced on a regular basis. The board worked well in Automatic mode A and current limiting potentiometer at almost maximum setting.

IOIO-OTG – Geeetech Wiki

First Android tests failed. More information on the Google USB driver is found here [14]. The project tree has many files. Winfows potentiometer changes how much current is being used by the power supply to charge the phone.

One of the key factors in meeting this goal assuming the product is great, of course is making it affordable for as many people as possible. They are used to connect to external circuits using different interfaces. There is currently no plan to support BLE. My dear wife, kids and friendswho gave me the huge amount of support required for such a project and for patiently listening to winrows boring geeky stories all ilio. IOIO windowz gallery links I’m collecting: This tab is usually found towards the bottom of the Eclipse window.

Eclipse is a very powerful tool and gives debugging information in real time. You can now unplug your phone from your computer, then plug it into the IOIO to test what you have done.


If you want to get costs as low as possible, PIC is probably better in most cases. Ytai Ben-Tsvi November 4, at 7: After iouo added the library files into the workspace, select the HelloIOIO project, then on the top toolbar goto: I wanted to try it as well.

After you have done this and saved your project, the projects explorer window should look something like this:. We have a blog post that shows or has links to many well documented example projects, with source code. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Thanks for the review! Then, select ‘Android’ in the list to the left. Your apk file should now be installed on your android device.

You’re more than welcome to contribute any of your own materials to the community.

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