NET enables data access to Oracle data sources through Oracle client connectivity software. Then open connection, execute the query and close connection, we have made a successful query. We though this provider was not suitable for x Net Connector is an specific driver from CodeGear. Net , as well as some others. The same query was run in several seconds.

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Interbase and Visual C# .NET

Nothing new pechan Jun The install also creates a x64 version folder for 64bit even though I did not use it. We already know DataSet, two other objects appeared only in Net 2.

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Please use code examples for quick start.

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You need to install necessary providers separately. Without server client Firebird 0. Background The first problem faced was to find the correct database Driver. We compared the data and corrected the differences.


Net and other languages. You need to use the factory and the help files factory example also does not work. Discount Programs You can get a significant discountand even a free licenseby spreading a word about dotConnect Universal. Next action Download IBProvider 64 bits.

Universal Data Provider

Email Required, but never shown. Overview Editions Support Download Buy.

Now we have done the essential method to get a IBCommandand a Datatable. Right click on file, properties, details to see version ado.neh.

InterBase DataType to C# Type mappings

We decided to test IBProvider. The same query was run in several seconds. Sign up using Email and Password. Click OK to continue browsing the Devart site.

It encapsulates load, update and search logic and refers to Data Access Layer. It is made interbawe to the reason of safety. It is a proxy-object between the data providers and user control elements.

NET enables data access to Oracle data sources through Oracle client connectivity software. The data provider uses native message-based protocol for communication with PostgreSQL database server.


I pay attention to AGED field which is available for reading only, as it is calculated with the help of the expression. To connect use one of two connection string: They are used by clients for getting the database description: After the linked server had created, we discovered that the ODBC driver was unable to cope with quite large amount of data, we are not talking about millions of entries, just several dozens of thousands.

Charsets of Firebird and InterBase. Separately it is interbxse to pay attention to changes transfer interbasse the database methods. Interbase and Firebird Developer’s for Visual Studio. The download says that it’s forbut it works fine with InterBase 7, and the InterBase team at CodeGear has told me that they have no problem with people using it for that purpose.

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