First, run the following command to install the hardware enablement stack: You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I apologize if it reached you inappropriately; please just reply to this message indicating so. Today this kernel froze, too. That said, it doesn’t exactly look like there’s somebody keen on fixing this bug. Philips Semiconductors SAA rev 01 [root baby install] ll total 88 -rw-r–r

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Continuing with the bisect is much appreciated!

Just had a kernel freeze after some 20 hours of operation with Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I forgot to ask him about results, but he didn’t complain, so it should be fine.

Bug # “Intel Audio issue” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. However the standard intel driver does not support the 3D features of this GPU. It’s slightly different than the one Vaclav Rehak reported above as not working:. Intel Corporation Device 8c82 Board index All times are UTC. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Can you test 4. Intel Corporation Device 8c90 rev d0 Easy to understand Ubuntu manual with lots of pics: Perhaps I shouldn’t be trying to using the Intel Graphics Installer for Centos, as there me be a better way of getting up-to-date graphics and sound drivers.


Ubuntu not recognizing installed Intel graphics driver – Ask Ubuntu

Like freezing after opening a menu and selecting “Quit”. During last freeze we logged-in to my colleague computer and seen khugepages eating cpu- there was no swap on this computer, so we added it and today there was no freezes4. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Did you run a kernel with debug symbols, perhaps? Linx in doubt, go to Intel ARK, as in ark.

From a terminal window please run: Intel has offered many updates which only are in most current version or some only in the Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. We need to identify the last good Ubuntu kernel and the first bad one.

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

Sign up using Email and Password. Corrected this situation and now giving 4.

Just had kind of a freeze with after about two hours of operation. You’re probably better to install Fedora. Capturing background frames To get support for chrome or chromium, type: As if some memory region gets exhausted after viewing some ‘ frames.


Really, it looks very strange, because I don’t see any video related changes from 17 to 20 in changelog. I have started using Linux three months ago and I still don’t know how exactly drivers work in Linux, I have read that normally Linux comes with all the itnel drivers out of the box but sometimes there are proprietary drivers which need to be installed from their site.

You might also ask for help in the ubuntu-bugs irc channel on Freenode. Will run this for two days to see wether it’s at least not freezing. If this ingel is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tag ‘kernel- fixed-upstream’. It can be strange, but we can’t reproduce freeze using kernel from http:

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