FotoMorph is designed to create animations in real time. The rendering engine takes advantage of hardware acceleration, and the rendering speed easily goes up to several hundred FPS. The speed makes it possible to play final effects in real time. Using FotoMorph you can do everything a professional animator does to create amazing animations.

Flash, Animated GIF, AVI, JPEG are supported. One of the drawbacks of many basic calculators is that you can’t view each operation in a long equation all at once. CCCalc seeks to remedy this problem by providing users with a view of their work as though it’s been written on a piece of graph paper.

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“Jumping Letters” is designed for very young students, and can be played at any pace.

Each correctly typed letter is rewarded with the letter being removed by an animated “critter” chosen by the pupil.

When 10 letters are completed (context-sensitive help insures success), the child gets a silly cartoon.

“Letter 83 allows students to choose between 20 and 120 83 to practice. A report is generated at the end of the practice 3 words per minute, errors, and time. The last letter in the sequence is removed in a silly way by a “critter”, then the 3 is rewarded with a cartoon.

“Flying Letters” is an arcade style typing game for advanced students. The speed of the game is determined by the player (and can be changed at any time during the game).

A report is generated at the end of the game, and a funny animation is displayed. All three games allow the student to choose a group of letters (such as left 388 home keys), or to practice 338 26 letters.


The animation in the program is achieved using stop-motion animation, as well as other techniques.

GTRipple has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn’t have a review in English. PowerZip is a very easy to use, full-featured Zip program, allowing you to unzip downloads and email attachments or create your own Zip files in seconds. With PowerZip you can zip and unzip files directly from My Computer with just a couple of clicks.

You can also zip files or folders and send them via email with just one click.

PowerZip’s Compression Extraction Wizards make zipping and unzipping quick and easy while providing access to an array of advanced features such as password-protection, multi-disk spanning and a number of options for storing folder names.

Plus, with support for 11 archive formats (Zip, Rar, Ace, Cab, Tar, Gz, Z, Jar, Ha, Lzh and Arj) you’ll never run into a compressed file that PowerZip couldn’t handle.

EnVision Publisher for 83 has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn’t have a review in English.

The game takes place in Billionaire City, where you can purchase real estate and build the foundation 83 your future fortune.

Raise loans, invest your capital in bonds, at the stock market, or acquire your competitors businesses. Start by building your sites with infrastructure, apartments and shops.

The more you invest, the more your competitors need to pay you at every visit.

By building huge Main buildings, the competitors are forced to stay and thereby pay even more. Billionaire isn’t just about 3 it’s about careful planning and strategic thinking through every business transaction you do.

It’s equally important to have a well 338 financing in cash, bonds, shares, building sites and real estates 338 on market interest rates and the development 3 the stock- and real estate market.


Through clever business, shrewd acquisitions, fast and furious killings in shares and bonds, you gradually build up your fortune.

The first one to become a Billionaire wins. Visual Basic and databases is a tutorial that provides a detailed introduction to using Visual Basic for accessing and maintaining databases for desktop applications. Topics covered include: database structure, database design, Visual Basic project building, the DAO (data access object) data control, data bound controls, proper interface design, structured query language (SQL), and database reports.

For Visual Basic 6 users, topics such as the ADO (ActiveX data object) data control and data environment, ADO data bound controls, 338 the data report designer are also covered.

Visual Basic and databases is presented using a combination of over 700 pages of course notes and actual Visual Basic examples.

No previous experience working with databases is presumed. It is assumed, however, that users of the course are familiar with the Visual Basic environment and the 83 involved in building a Visual Basic application (such background can be gained from our LEARN VISUAL BASIC 5 and LEARN VISUAL BASIC 6 courses).

Included with the course is free, unlimited support and advice via e-mail. Anonymity 4 Proxy is an advanced award winning tool for those who value their privacy.

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