I know two ways to handle this The first way is reopen a new session driver. Call Sambodhan 19 December at Right now, I dont think there exists ways to handle ALL of these uncretainities automatically by configuration in the webdriver. I was facing the same issue and I made this below changes. If you have created webdriver test case for such page and not handled this kind of alerts In your code then your script will fail Immediately If such unexpected alert pop up displayed. So in BeforeCommand, implement code for alert to dismiss and check the beauty. Right now i am handling with thread concept but it sometimes not perfect.

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Sometimes, They are generated during page load and sometime they are generated when you perform some action. Have a common generic method to initialize all page class objects from your class. jandle

Posted by Gaurav Lankepillewar at I hope it will solve u r problem. This way you get a hnexpected point of control over unpredictable alerts, get to do logging or evaluate method performance, handle random unreachableBrowser Exceptions, handle random StaleElementException etc. In my situation, while i have selected specific value from drop down then popup is open. Normally it runs fine but some time I gets exceptions– org.

How To Handle Unexpected Alerts In Selenium WebDriver

Right now, I dont think there exists ways to handle ALL of these uncretainities automatically by configuration in the webdriver. You can use such try catch block Im that area where you are facing unexpected alerts very frequently. So in above example as soon as the new page is loaded in browser we should create object as mentioned above. I got an issue with Selenium throwing timeout exception because of a pop up window unexpected alert open not provide any stacktrace information Command duration or timeout: Webdirver this be the root cause?


Above given webdriver code Is just for example. So first of all we have to note down the action where such unexpected alert Is generated and then we can check for alert after performing that action.

It will wait for 5 seconds until an alert is present, you can catch the exception and deal with it, if the expected alert is not available.

Kanchari Srikanth 81 2. You can use UnexpectedAlertBehaviour. You can use new WebDriverWait driver. Below is one ex Shravan Kumar 20 Selenim at Padma 7 October at NoAlertPresentException I am attaching the screen shots of the alert- I am not able to figure out what to do now.

java – How to handle the “unexpected alert open”? – Stack Overflow

I dont know at what step of my execution this popup comes?. Call Sambodhan 19 December at You can try this snippet: Murari October 22, at 3: We need to use try catch block for checking such unexpected alters because If we will use direct code without try catch to accept or dismiss alert and If alert not appears then our test case will fail.


To handle this kind of unexpected alerts, You must at least aware about on which action such unexpected alert Is generated.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I am sure most of the automation testers are still facing seleenium same issue and trying to figure out a solution to this problem.

You may also want to add a wait timeout to see if the alert shows up after a certain delay. We need to wrap our regular WebElement with this proxy alets.

Selenium WebDriver – How To Handle Annoying Random Popup / Alerts

So we can check for alert Inside try catch block after page load as shown In bellow given example. K48 5, 9 39 Sign up using Email and Password. hw

Newer Post Older Post Home. Saturday, October 22, Handling unexpected poupus and alerts while automation with selenium webdriver.

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