Ultimately, this different design provides no discernible benefits over others, but comes down simply to a matter of personal preference. Nevertheless, the simplicity and flexibility of the MC make it an excellent way for beginners to gain an impressive entry into the world of digital video recording. The 4GB Microdrive will provide storage for 60 minutes of its best – ‘Ultra fine’ – quality, or if picture quality is not so important, as much as minutes at ‘economy’ resolution. The Bad Too easy for finger to get in the way of the large lens or over the tiny sensor. If there’s a flaw in its design, it’s that the features included wouldn’t be quite powerful enough to attract serious enthusiasts.

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It is too easy to stick a finger on the large lens or over the tiny sensor. The Microdrive is a kind of CompactFlash card and the same slot can take other CompactFlash cards if desired. The Bad Too easy for finger to get in the way of the large lens or over the tiny sensor.

There’s also separate SD MemoryCard slot available. Tall and slim, the mc100 range of controls is located solely on the back of the unit. It’s capable of capturing images to Compact Flash or SD Memory Cards, and while the quality on these is relatively impressive, a lack of options restricts the level of control users have over their photos.

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Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. There’s little point offering high quality recording options without a decent lens.

JVC Everio GZ-MC100

Pros Simple and flexible. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in And should the Everio ever need repair, the hard drive will need to come along as well. It might not be the absolute future of photography, but this point-and-shoot camera View our privacy policy before signing up.

The entire camera is designed to be operated with one hand, and in fact, the only time that you will need to use two hands is when plugging in or unplugging cords, or unfolding the 1.

However the Everio shows us what’s possible. Even with the inbuilt image stabilisation, a tripod would be needed to achieve smooth recording at full zoom levels.

Settings are fairly standard, providing some basic options for different shooting environments, and allowing users to achieve reasonable quality in most situations. It needs to be formatted before use.

We found that at this level, however, quality and image stability were generally too poor to justify the increased zoom. Unlike some camcorders, where stills are almost an afterthought, the Everio offers a fair blending of video and photo features.

When the drive becomes full, stored footage will need transfer to computer or deletion. Prying digital tapes from the hands of the average cameraperson might take a little persuasion, but if any device can coax them to experiment, it could be the sophisticated little Everio.


Mcc100 the Microdrive needs to be handled with care. Storage cards are the norm in digital stills photography. Ultimately, this different design provides no discernible benefits over others, but comes down simply to a matter of personal preference.

Gadget lovers will appreciate the beauty of cleverly concealed compartments just check the instructions if you g find them.

Vello | Camera & Flash Accessories

Design-wise, the Everio is unlike any camera we’ve seen. The LCD bz can swivel up to degrees, so that the user can point the camera at themselves and still see the display, which is great for recording footage of yourself without cutting off everything above your eyebrows.

Both are very compact for the features they provide, although the upright MC is perhaps the looker. The camcorder is, at the very least, an interesting and glamorous addition for the enthusiast. The controls themselves are fairly basic.

A voice recording mode is also available on the JVC, but the lack of an ability to attach a separate microphone really detracts from what could have been an impressive, even if questionably useful, feature. A range of wipe and fader effects are available, and serve as an interesting introduction to a recording when used.

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