I do need to find an in car stand for my tablet but that will be another review. It is certainly very convenient as all modern PCs have USB ports and I suppose that it also represents an overall cost saving for the manufacturers as they no longer provide a mains power supply. When I select the device to connect, it says it will be unpaired, with no other options. And are you using a third-party Bluetooth app? Android Apps and Games.

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Half way up the image there is a green zigzag. As mentioned above there are two designs for the casing, which move the GPS receivers from the realms of Techno Devices to fashionable electronics with street cred There is no indication if the car adapter is 12 volt or gszt. And if this where possible use the bluetooth module wich should listen to serial data from the GPS, as a link from the arduino to the PC.

Unfortunately the circuit board was affixed rather firmly to the upper case and as I didn’t want to damage the receiver I could not open bh-359 fully. So just about three weeks in with the Globalsat bluetooth GPS and one long trip under gsta belt. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

If you should need to charge the gzat whilst away from a PC on the road then you can plug in the car adapter and the USB cable fits into the socket on there.


Globalsat BT – GPS receiver module | Viewsonic G Tablet

I have found the bluetooth range to be in excess of 3 metres making it ideal for just about any application. Both of the devices are the same width, but the BT is almost half the depth of the BT The route walked was exactly the same, but the BT was somewhat more accurate I was walking up the left side of the street.

Do you know what’s under the metalic boxes I see on this picture you took? Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. This is still true with the new GlobalSat BT devices. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. Not only did it end up right in the passenger footwell, but it managed to flip over and the antenna is facing down.

If this all would be possible it would be great since the gps module only costs about?

Maps also worked as you would expect it should. Even in this position the GPS receiver was still able to pull in signals from gsa satellites and provide more than adequate positioning data to navigate by. Gzat device paired with the viewsonic gtab without issue. This changed with the award winning BR and now the new BTW and BTS Bluetooth receivers have had some thought put into the design of the outer casing as well as the internal electronics The metal boxes covering components are soldered on.


With the introduction of the TomTom Mk2 GPS and the Leadtek the market was starting to change and the receivers were becoming smaller, more practical and stylish.

Globalsat BT-359 – GPS receiver module

OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the fingerprint scanner icon [Root] December 26, Some of these have seen production others have fallen by the wayside.

Thanks for any info!

The GPS module and the bluetooth module create a wireles link. Looking at the images to the right you can see that most of the GPS receiver is not electronic wizardry, but is actually the battery.

The BT comes with a car and wall adapter to charge the device. Among these were a number of mockup GPS receivers. Is there a ceramic antenna?

I was wondering if it where possible to disasemble tb-359 Globalsat BT Bluetooth GPS, wich uses a bluetooth module to send its gps strings trough the bluetooth protocal SPP serial dataand read the gps string with the arduino. Once paired it is tsat a matter of selecting the correct serial port in your navigation application and you will be ready to navigate.

In fact is is quite amazing how little space there is for the GPS and Bluetooth components in the receiver. And are you using a third-party Bluetooth app?

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