There are 10 action buttons in all – 4 primary, 4 flippers, start, and select. Hot Set Switch button for your favorite cheat moves. Wireless Technology see all. The GamePad also appears in the video game Jazz Jackrabbit as a power-up ; it appears in the same game as an advertisement in the background, which reads “All kids love Gravis GamePad”. I have not been able to test the joystick, nor the installation disk. Hope you figure it out, though.

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Most of them do not have the center stick but this one does. It also shows “Plays with Windows 95” on cover. Excellent d-pad, more than enough buttons. The GamePad Pro employed advanced signaling techniques referred to as “GrIP” to allow for both the use of ten buttons and the simultaneous use graviss up to four controllers connected by the controller’s built-in piggyback plug. Both switches can be used at the same time. I use a Saturn pad for much of the old stuff.

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Is it possible to use the gravis gamepad on a modern pc? : dosgaming

Gravis Eliminator usb Gamepag Pro. There is even a digital directional pad with a detachable joystick handle. This item is used and worked the last time I had it attached to a computer. Dark Blue with Silver Buttons. This article needs additional citations for verification.


There are 10 action buttons in all – 4 primary, 4 flippers, start, and select.

Gravis PC Gamepad

New, still in original shrink-wrap. It is model no. Check out the sidebar to explore our network!

There is no difference between Gameport and DB Box appeared to be sealed, but the sticker dried out.

It says it plays with Windows 95, but I cannot find a date on the box. Retro Gaming Network Member of the Retro Gaming Network The Retro Gaming Network consists of subreddits dedicated to classic consoles, computers, handhelds, and old school gaming in general.

Ga,epad could be a quirk of the adapter because it should come right up. This unit is in very good pre-owned condition with normal minor signs of wear and age.

Still in original box and original CD.

Gravis PC Gamepad review – Engadget

As originally found in some versions of the Sega Master System controller, the center of the Gravis GamePad’s d-pad allows a small joystick to be inserted. This page was last edited on 20 Augustat The shareware demonstration version of the game noted that the Gravis Gamepad was the official gamepad of Jazz Jackrabbit.

Is it possible to use the gravis p on a modern pc? This gave all four buttons functionality even in PC games that only supported two buttons on joysticks or for scenarios when two gamepads are connected with a Y-splitter. When I have it plugged in, no graviies options appear regarding detected joysticks. The gamepad’s design is similar to that of the stock SNES controller more so the Japanese and European version with colored buttonsalthough it lacks the Start, Select and shoulder buttons, and the shape of the controller’s chassis differs slightly, with an inverted curve on the left side.


Modified Item see all. One icon from the Nuvola icon set resembles the GamePad.

Gravis PC Gamepad Controller With Joystick Vintage

Like new in e xcellent condition! Item in photos is exact item sent.

You shouldn’t have to suffer because an item didn’t look as nice as promised. The buttons and dials are so strategically placed that you’ll never have to think about them.

You deserve to have a quality product just like everyone else.

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