Sign up using Email and Password. Understanding how close and quit commands work when more than one window is opened aaej. How to get the web page title from selenium webdriver? Email Required, but never shown. This has nothing to do with getTitle from selenium web driver.

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Try this if close WebDriver command is not closing the Browser window aael. Writing Selenium WebDriver Test on our own aaal. We generally have to verify title of the web page when we are doing Automation testing of any web application.

Webdriver “le()” And “assertEquals” With Example

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Its criticality could be understood when we have to go through different web pages in same URL or domain and page title of that AUT is changing. Introduction to JUnit aaai. Using selectByValue command with Drop Down field aafd.

Ensure compatible Firefox Browser is installed aaah. Using getAttribute “value” method with drop down field aafn. So if we have multiple web pages in same domain then we can proceed further validation of the functionality after verifying its page title only.


WebDriver ; import org. Using node wild card in XPath Statements aacn. Using getOptions to get all the options available in Multi-Selection Box field aafu.

Webdriver “driver.getTitle()” And “assertEquals” With Example

XPath Optimization Strategy Three – If there is really nothing to distinguish find the first unique element from its siblings and add the index value to it aact.

Using isSelected method to get the status of the check box option aaeo. Using getText to retrieve the elements text aagb. To get the page title use getTitle method of driver. I created test iin of an e-commerce website when I was working in a Retail domain. Using isMultiple with a drop down field aafq. Using sendKeys command for entering single line text into a Text Area field aaed.

Using getText to retrieve any elements Text aabi. selnium

Using getPageSource method aabj. What I want is “Web page title” displayed in the browser. Using click – predefined method to select a radio button aabf. How much critical is it to verify title of any web page?


How to verify title of any web page in Selenium WebDriver?

Clicking the Button by locating it using XPath statement aadb. Buddha 1 8. We did this just to assure we are on correct page.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. He loves to write blogs, and apart from blogging, he is interested in documentary film making, listening to music, traveling around the world and philanthropic activities. Using to select an element with a specified id aadh. Home Questions Tags Wbedriver Unanswered. Using click WebDriver wbedriver for selecting a check box option aaem. Sign up using Facebook. Using isMultiple with Multi-Selection Box field aafr.

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