Normally when X starts with the nvidia drivers installed, a splash screen is shown. Click on the “Enable Overclocking” checkbox and read and accept the license agreeement. The fix is quite simple: When compiling the kernel for these CPUs, completely remove support for the in-kernel driver as shown: Now it’s time to install the drivers. It will not increase performance.

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Here’s a list of values gengoo did NOT work for me:. Changes the AGP Gart mode setting. Use lspci to find out what card you have.

Sign up using Facebook. To ensure that 3D acceleration is working, from a console running inside of X and as a normal user not as rootrun: It gentol as a module, so the kernel must support the loading of kernel modules see below. Or type NV then hit the Tab key for easy completion of the file name. Maybe it is possible to use the value “40” instead of “30” in order to see if there is some difference Contents 1 Introduction 2 Background 2.


To activate Coolbits, open xorg. We welcome improvements to this page. Note The information in this section in unnecessary for systems that do not implement signed kernel modules.

See the direct rendering status by following instructions in the section Testing the card. If you letacy the message: It may happen that X. There are a number of different opengl libraries available and it’s possible to install more than one. The overclock settings will not survive restarting X. If it still does not work, then I wish you good luck at trying to guess the good refresh rate for your monitor.

Portage is a true ports system in the tradition of BSD ports, but is Python-based and sports a number of advanced features including dependencies, fine-grained package management, “fake” OpenBSD-style installs, safe unmerging, system profiles, virtual packages, config file management, and more.

Copyright C – Atea Ataroa Limited.

: Gentoo Linux

DefaultDepth 24 SubSection “Display” The GLX layer also has a plethora of options which can be configured. Skynet 4, 5 26 Excellent package manager, helpful community, documentation. If you’re at the console, restart X with: To make the kernel preemptible use gemtoo favorite text editor to modify your kernel’s configuration file defaultly. An alternative is to uvesafb framebuffer, or vesa framebuffer which can be installed in parallel with nvidia-drivers.


StickerYou is your one-stop shop to make your business stick! Enable this to nvkdia MSI interrupts instead of wired interrupts. Pages with syntax highlighting errors Documents containing Metadata Graphics Adapters Binary kernel modules.

If you are having troubles with the nVidia 2D acceleration it is likely that you are unable to set up a write-combining range with MTRR.

This can be accomplished by using the kernel-provided perl script as follows. Installing nvidia-drivers outside of package manager as described below can be problematic. For example, to disable the splash logo:. Download this package to a suitable location on your legwcy.

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