Bump still can’t get it to work If in doubt, you can look here http: Minstrel and its Ran this after having tried to restart net. Mon Apr 28, 6:

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Once I switched to ndiswrapper and the windows drivers, the problem with low bandwidth and WPA enterprise networks was sorted out.

If in doubt, there is a list of the supported cards here: I told him I enjoyed every second of it. Sat Apr 12, Upgraded the firmware to the latest version Had put it away as it had HUGE stability issues that are apparently fixed in the latest firmware Getnoo it all setup. The patches themselves can be downloaded from http: Sat Apr 26, 8: For USB devices, a similar approach can be taken.

Well, first thing’s first. The pciid and subsystem id can be discovered using lspci -vnn.


net-wireless/bfwcutter – Gentoo Packages

Tue Apr 15, 4: Right now, here is what I get if I try gentoo use b3 proposed conf, with key1 having been replaced by my WEP key. But for some cards eg. If you own a macbook 4th or 5th generation try using the bootcamp winxp driver.

To install it Code: My router only asks for a “passphrase” that it then changes into an HEX value that I use to authenticate. Searching the web for linuxwireless.

Index of /pub/gentoo-portage/sys-firmware/b43-firmware/

Sat Apr 12, 3: Your first port of call when problem arise is the output of dmesgwhich displays the kernel log. It’s located on the 1st install DVD and named “broadcomxpinstaller.

For more information on configuring wireless networking in Gentoo Linux, please read the Wireless networking chapter in the Gentoo Handbook. Fri May 02, I don’t see either the B43 or the B43 legacy drivers anywhere in the menuconfig menus nor the bcm43xx.

Mon Apr 28, 6: Broadcom WLAN found b43legacy-phy0: Dusted out my d-link wpa capable AP to see if I could get this to work. Have you got a wireless switch anywhere on your machine, if so, just double check if you’ve switched it on.


This article describes the setup of a wifi wireless network device. Activate at least cfg and mac For generic installation instructions please see the Gentoo Handbook. Do not forget to gwntoo the kernel after changing its configuration.

I have a Broadcom card, but this should work for other Broadcom cards too. Tue Apr 29, Some wireless drivers also require a rate control algorithm. Mon Apr 28, 8: Thanks also to sera for helping me with the kernel configuration.

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