By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The G6DS Real only comes in a black flavour. For the options, you can boot to slot 2, change skins, and also choose to boot the G6DS Real menu at launch or just the DS menu. Just be aware that, obviously, everything on your card will be wiped if you choose to format it. With features such as download play, cheat engine, and obviously high performance memory.

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With features such as download play, cheat engine, and obviously high performance memory. How good is the download play support of G6DS Real?

G6DS Real Review | – The Independent Video Game Community

One of the biggest advantages of 1. Let’s take a quick look at the official feature list of the G6DS Real This isn’t an issue, as they’re not really needed anyway. So all in all, you get a nice assortment of freebies for your buck. The G6 Real is a highly anticipated slot-1 card; and with good reason. Save game is automatic.

Perfect download Play compatibilty. DS header information is not displayed within the OS. Both options work just fine. I received the G6DS Real very suddenly, not even informed it was shipped out. The cheats are put at a separate page. Work as U disk with USB 2.


G6DS Real Review

I hope the G6 team can fix the thickness issue in the near future, it is one of the very few negative points about this cart. The G6DS Real menu is easy to navigate.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hopefully this can be fixed in a future update. Save games are automatically created during game play and are written to the card.

First make sure you download the Moonshell 1. The plastic and mould is good quality and you should have no concern over inserting it into your DS.

But whether this was a deliberate change to avoid manufacturing errors which can cause the pins to be covered with plastic, making contact with the internal DS pins difficult a problem that plagued early batches of the DS-Xtremeor a method to make manufacturing easier will most likely remain a mystery. Email required Address never made public. All 3 functionalities of EZ Flash 3-In-1 are working fine. There’s still room for improvement though, so hopefully the team will continue to take our criticism seriously and improve the OS.

And at the bottom right you’ll find the current date and time. On the back of the box, the list of features was so incredibly long that a whole side of the box was dedicated to this font size 8 writing. M3 Perfect Lite microSD.

G6DS Real is a really good slot-1 card for a reasonable price with variety of features. When carries on the skin subject replacement may the choice and becomes effective immediately in the G6DS Real system establishment, does not need reto start the system, the user may simultaneously install the multi- wraps skin subject plan after the computer to cut at will on the NDS main engine, moreover did not must forget, the TouchPod system all functions contact surface all was the support touches the screen operation.


The cart itself is not up to standards because it is thicker than the original carts. Download the latest firmware, then plug the card into the adapter, connect the adapter to the PC and simply drag and drop the files onto the card. Similar threads with keywords: This drag and drop style of getting files, games, music and whatever else onto your flash kit is now standard across the board, and rightfully so.

It was not surprising that they would release a slot 1 version of their cart, and that they boast that it would be the best, however, the surprising news of the price is what shocked users.

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