The new Epson k3 inks also utilize “High Gloss Mircocrystal Encapsulation Technology” which comes built into the Epson printer and serves to minimize bronzing on glossy papers. Has been successfully added to your basket Continue shopping Go to checkout. Matte Paper Heavy Weight. Just a warning to those of you running Macs and large format Epson printers. Well I am now 10 days into my problem and no further forward. I do not need borderless prints because I am cutting them down.

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Epson 9800 Information

Rivals such as Roland, HP, and Canon have not yet responded with a product that has singificantly affected the industry-wide growth and word-of-mouth momentum of the Epson printer.

I do not need borderless prints because I am cutting them down.

CopyrightBreathing Color. Enhanced Matte Paper Roll. Also before deleting all of the things he mentioned, run the Epson uninstaller. Log in Not signed in yet? Premium Semigloss Photo Paper Roll. Standard Proofing Paper44″ x 30,5 m C13S Then the system will try to get me to apply the update epsob all sorts of things on the wide formats go wonky.

Cold Press Bright 24″x 15m C13S Paper roll belt C12C Epson Stylus Pro printers come equiped with a variety of innovative features that will help to increase productivity and efficiency. The wide formats have various driver versions up to 8.


Epson Stylus Pro I completely cleared all Epson software from the system and reinstalled the latest drivers leaving the Artisanout. Hot Press Bright 17″x 15m C13S By doing so, Epson has focused on solving some of the traditional problems with pigmented inksets, such as limited color gamut particularly in the reds and metamerism prints shifting color in different lighting environments.

Premium Canvas Satin, 17″ x Apple came back to me on Monday and wanted me to partition my HD and rebuild my Apps. If you only use Epson then by all means Premium Semimatte Photo Paper Roll.

Suddenly the other day prints starting coming out too large 5×7’s are 7. The models in the Epson Stylus Pro series have established themselves as reliable proofing solutions over many years in agencies, pre-press, printers, publishing and repro houses.

Epson and the Elegance Velvet Fine Art Paper should be utilized by quality driven fine art printmakers who demand nothing less than the best. Traditional Photo Paper, 17″x 15m C13S The combination of the Epson printer and the Elegance Velvet Fine Art Paper produces absolutely astonishing black elson white inkjet fine art prints, as well as color prints.

Epson Information

And the reds and almost all other colors are incredible. Somewhere there is a mismatch between Apple and Epson – the result is the printer goes through the motion then cuts the paper without printing. See deeper blacks, richer colors, and sharper resolution.


Anyone else having this problem”? I the absence of any decent Epson support, which I incidentally tried 3 times, discussing the issue with connective dismissive Epson techs I guess I was relieved when a senior Apple guy got interested. Epson does not guarantee longevity of prints.

The tech asked me to bear with him until Monday, back-up my HD and we would start again. Velvet Fine Art Paper. How to Print Borderless on an EPSON For borderless printing, the Epson print engine enlarges the image size slightly about 5 percent or a bit less to ensure that the image is not printed with any white edges due to paper misalignment.

I got onto the first guy I spoke to last week, he is called Keith, it only took a few minuted epzon him to obfuscate 980 he did before and to deny anything his colleagues had agreed previously. The main thing to get rid of

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