I have contacted trucking companies across Canada the last few days but have yet to receive anything back. Thanks for your info and experiences out there, much apppreciated! I’ve applied on their website and also sent an email straight to the guy who looks like Agritel recruiter but 2 weeks time since then with no response. Are you eligible to Immigrate to Canada? Just another quick one. It shows to the Immigration Service of Canada that these types of labors are not available in Canada so the employer has to bring workers from other countries. Free Canadian Immigration Evaluation.

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Thanks for your info and experiences out there, much apppreciated! So with that in mind I am trying to fanada as informed as possible about the realities of moving there So, basically.

So emails are useless, good info I’ll get on the phone to them instead.

Hi guys, just wondering if someone been at the Cahada transport companies event they had in London on November? We will evaluate your qualifications and contact you within business caada to discuss the modalities of this program. We look forward to assisting you in relocating to Canada soon! So, I’m 31 years young cznada no dependants, no assets here in the UK and no desire to stay much longer with impending political issues amongst other reasons that’s enough of that bit!

I am aware you’ll need to keep your head down, mouth shut and last till you get the PR. In British Columbia, which has more than vacancies on the job bank, the gold standard for candidates for its entry level and semi-skilled category is a full-time job offer in long-haul trucking.


You must have a clean police record during the past 5 years excluding speeding offences. Hourly wages for truck drivers are currently competitive emmigrate the both national and provincial averages. I know you are joking when you said it sounds easy but its alot of paperwork and jumping through hoops!

Long Haul Truck Driver (HGV / LGV Drivers)

Hey buddy, thanks for taking the time to read and reply. Unless it’s changed the only NZ district allowed to give work permits for trucking was Canterbury and that was due to the need after the quake.

That is why Canadian trucking companies are now hiring workers from foreign countries to work in Canada for full-time employment. What you can read next B. Long-haul Driver must be familiar with customs and border crossing requirements and procedures.

All drivers must meet required medical standards before receiving a licence. To extend the temporary job offer of the truck drivers an employer should send a copy of LMIA and job offer letter to them.

Quebec leads the way in terms of provincial vacancies for truck drivers, with nearly 1, job ads currently live.

The basic eligibility required to apply as foreign truck driver in Canada

You can find some horror stories about the same company in post 2 years old and a completely different opinion at 10 months old one so hard to hv. Can I get over there as long as long I can get a job offer, be it on a temporary working visa, through the PNP program or otherwise??

Still thinking emivrate all through. How to proceed forward with our assistance Complete the following questionnaire and we will further evaluate your qualifications. But there are some basic eligibility and legal terms to work as Truck Drivers in Canada. It shows to the Immigration Service of Canada that these types of labors are not available in Canada so the employer has to bring workers from other countries.


Pass one or two driving licences, depending on the nationality of the original licence. Hgg candidates are brought to Canada in the shortest time possible. It’s not on the skills shortage list or wasn’t, which means no permit, also to get PR in NZ you have to meet a wage per hour threshold which trucking doesn’t meet so it’s never been get been possible to get PR via trucking in NZ. Hey Kiowan, ugv for the reply. Interested candidates begin the process by obtaining a confirmed job offer that is approved by cznada Canada.

After a period of transition, candidates can apply for Canadian permanent residence Canada immigration under provincial nomination programs PNP.

The ONE big thing is your foreign driving counts for nothing,do it the Canadian way right or wrong keep your head under the parapet on the low and time goes quickly and remember its wagon driving not brain surgery so the tests are easy!! Now consider this they must get thousands of emails from abroad weekly,,so TBH if you could afford it a cheap rounder from Iceland air or westjet from London airports to MB and turning up will show them you mean business. To qualify you must have experience as a truck driver or harvest machine operator in the last five years, plus meet other age and education requirements.

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