Press [f] or [e] to select [Storage]. Press [f] or [e] to select the [Display] menu. Press [PBP] to return to the stored image screen. Press [d ] to enable [Slide Show Effect]. Some functions are not available on the control panel and the remote control in this mode. English – 23 3. English – 25 n o p Call your desired contact.

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English – 24 3. Check if DIP Switch dukabe properly set. When both parties are connected, Skype will display the video screen. Press [Cancel] to exit. Do not overload wall sockets, extensions leads or multi-way plug boards as this may cause fire or electric shock.

Select manual mode to switch images manually.

Dukane Document Camera 335 Digital Presenter

Press [d] to select among [Mode] modes. View text files in czmera mode to make text clearer. Do not remove the cover or back.

English – 23 3. To obtain the latest manuals, literature, and software please visit the Dukane web site at; www. Unplug the Document Camera during thunderstorms or if it is not going to be used for an extended period, do not place the Document Camera or remote control on top of beat-emitting equipment or heated objects such as a car and etc.


View grayscale or black and white photos in this mode. Press [f] or [e] to move through selected images.

Dukane 335 Digital Camera User Manual

Press [d] to select among [Auto Tune] modes. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Press [MENU] on the remote control or control panel to enter the on-screen menu. Press [c] or [d] to enable [Auto Erase]. English – 26 7.

Dukane Camera B User`s guide |

Please do not tilt the machine while using. English – 18 2. Do not place the Document Camera where the cord can be stepped on as this may result in fraying or damage to the lead or the plug. Press [f] or [e] to select [Microscope]. Press [ZOOM-] on the remote control or control panel to zoom out from an image.

Refer to the description above for the best choice. Freezes the current image temporarily on the screen.

Allows users to compare live images with captured image files. Press [c] or [d] or [e] or [f] to select the file to be compared.


English – 28 Chapter 9 Software instructions Using the Camera with a computer. View photos or text with photos in this mode to enhance colors in photos.

Dukane Document Camera Installation

Never allow liquid of any kind to spill into dukans Document Camera. Or increase the distance between the lens and the document, and then press the [FOCUS] button on the right side of the lens. From the remote control: These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against a harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

If the Document Camera will not be used for an extended time, unplug it from the power outlet.

DIP switch Bottom English – 6 3.

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