Dell WFP Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. These are top of the line monitors at a fraction of what they cost purchased new. The screen size is very large of course at 30″, and takes some getting used to even if you are familiar with 24 – 27″ sized screens. We tend to use 24″ monitors day to day and now they just look tiny next to this monster! The screen did become very warm at the top on the back of the display, but nothing too bad. Women’s Entrepreneur Initiatives Dell for Entrepreneurs.

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The screen size is very large of course at 30″, and takes some getting used to even if you are drll with 24 – 27″ sized screens. All black screen in a darkened room. The screen’s large native resolution is more than enough to display high-definition video content, and it also scales down nicely.

Cons The stand has a thin, single mounting point, so the monitor is prone to wobbling. It was free from the off-centre contrast shift which you see from VA matrices. I ran the screens side by side and although they were very close, the U did seem to have a slightly sharper image in moving scenes and a less pronounced blur.


Max brightness would be recorded on an all white screen once the DCR has caught up. From the defaults of 6. Clip the ends to the right size and solder. Analyst Relations Dell Newsroom.

3008wpf The Dell still performs monior well as you can see, but there is still a slight blurred trail even in the best case image, something which is almost none-existant in the Samsung test.

I’ve just got one of these monitors which has an intermittent fault. Max Dynamic Contrast Ratio. A couple of USB ports are splashed underneath the rear panel of the screen, which can be useful for connecting a printer and external drives.

Oct 20, Posts: Looking at it there appears to be no phyiscal damage. The Hazro HZ30Wi mobitor a slightly different LMW Q3 panel was again very comparable to both, being somewhere in between in terms of responsiveness in practice. Jan 20, Posts: It’s just my hand movements that are poor.

Dell UltraSharp 3008WFP

Cream of the crop Wooooo!!!!! Do you already have an account? The average input lag of the WFP was fairly high, being a little more than some of the other models we have tested.

However, this screen had no such issues.

How to repair a Dead Dell 3008WFP Monitor

This was part of a quad monitor workstation that was no longer needed. General and Office Applications. I also have the Dell 27″ WFP and after having had the chance to compare the 2 side by side, I much prefer the 27″. I need power and lots of it. Black depth was not quite as good in this mode and we had a slightly lower contrast ratio of You can also turn the 3008efp contrast ratio control on and off in this menu.


Dell UltraSharp WFP Review: – Monitors – LCD Monitors – PC World Australia

Capital for Entrepreneurs Dell for Entrepreneurs. See all 2 pre-owned listings. You may need to consider what calibration methods are available to you if you want to purchase this screen however, as you can’t rely on accurate out-of-the-box settings sadly.

I know there’s been a lot of complaints about the graininess already but it’s all down to personal taste so I won’t labour the point. All up, if you want a huge monitor for photo editing 3008wcp comfortable multitasking, as well as something to use for high-definition movies and video games, you probably won’t find a better quality screen anywhere.

There was some slight leakage from the corners however which was a shame. The base is different to that used on the newer screens, and different to the older WFP model as well which was released at a similar time to this screen.

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