NET, we use a specialized variant of the data access component for each database server. NET Framework data types, the DbDataAdapter object comes in different flavors depending on the database server that’s being used. See related articles to this posting. Roman Dukuy on Nov 23, 4: Database server rejected connection. Luckily, the sysad did a research about that thing and found out that the problem originated from the DB2 database.

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What is the diference between “dbExpress” and an ADO connection? I’m using the constructors that reduce the code needed to a minimum. Strange error when connecting to database.

Dbexpress connect to Db2 strange error [Edit] – se

Any suggestions, hint, etc. Not only can this component retrieve data from the database, it can also put changed data back from the DataSet. Create nil ; try Conn.

However, as we’ve seen, retrieving result sets is easier with ADO. In this article, we’ll look at just what all those ADO.

dbExpress-ODBC Gateway

Luckily, the sysad did a research about that thing and found out that the problem originated from the DB2 database. NET dbexxpress quite straightforward. NET might seem very different, but most features are there-they’re just in a different place.


Immediately, we can see an important distinction between ADO. NET classes and interfaces can do for us. Our code configures the DataSet but doesn’t retrieve the data.

Download dotConnect for DB2

Your answer or idea to this error message will be a great help to me. You’ll also dbeexpress to set the Size and Precision properties for some of these data types as appropriate. Error connecting to database after I edit it.

A good example of this is in the IBuySpy application that we discussed in a previous article. How do I connect the database from Delphi XE2? These should be replaced by DbCommand objects. For database connections the interface is IDbConnection, documented in the D2.

Software Development – ZDNet New frameworks are emerging to give developers multiple tools to invent the future.

Following the C code fragment. At first glance, DataReader seems somewhat limited. Getting Error while connecting Oracle through DbExpress [Edit] i’m getting access violation error while connection oracle through DbExpress. Strange Error With PB 6.

There are plenty of alternative options, but all of them depend on code. It took me time to reply cause I was tracing all the steps that you have given up to the point where I got the code page conversion problem. Although this can only happen when the BdpDataAdapter is placed on the same form as the DataSet and the associated controls, it’s a neat trick.


dbExpress-ODBC Gateway

The DataSet manages data internally as a relational view into an XML dbbexpress, so as a result it doesn’t have a concept of a ‘cursor’ or current record. Everything else is untouched.

Build and registration were successfully. The BDP is a regular managed. Since you are using iis instead of the built in web host you are going to have to go into IIS manager an Each of those queries is stored in a DbCommand object, so if you want to handle updates, you’ll need to create four queries, each of which is parameterized-quite a handful.

A database with the same name exists, or specified file cannot be opened, or it is located on UNC share. This is the error we get while connecting to the SQLExpress server.

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