Customizing and binding SQLJ profiles with the administrative console or scripting. Letting db2sqljcustomize generate package names is not recommended. The data server then communicates the client’s requests to the data source. You cannot use connection sharing in WebSphere Application Server if you use context caching. Bytes-from-program-name IDNumber PkgIsolation Table 1 shows the parts of a generated package name and the number of bytes for each part. When -zosDescProcParms is specified, the Db2 data server uses the specified or default value of -zosProcedurePath to resolve unqualified names of stored procedures for which SQL data type information is requested. Commands for SQLJ program preparation.

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You can specify serialized profile names in one of the following ways: Bytes-from-program-name IDNumber PkgIsolation Table 1 shows the parts of a generated package name and the number of bytes for each part.

Installing the IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ

The default behavior is to bind the Db2 packages. The SQL path is: For better performance, you should do online checking.

However, you can disable automatic creation of packages and use the db2sqljbind command to bind the packages later. Customizes the serialized profiles. The translator uses the directory structure of the SQLJ source files d2 it puts the dh2 files in directories. The generated source file is named program-name. To ensure uniqueness of package names, specify -rootpkgname.


JDBC and SQLJ reference information

After you bind the packages, you need to ensure that when the dn2 runs, the Db2 database server at ZOS2 can find the packages. Multiple serialized profiles can be customized together to create a single Db2 package.

When you use db2sqljcustomize to create a single Db2 package from multiple serialized profiles, you must also specify the -rootpkgname or -singlepkgname option. The application server provides functionality to use SQLJ as the persistence mechanism for enterprise beans that use container-managed persistence.

The -username value must have authorization to bind a package at the target data source.

When an SQLJ program is executed, the driver uses the collection name that is stored in the customized serialized profile to search for packages to execute.

Type 3 Drivers that use a pure Java sqli and communicate with a data server using a data-server-independent protocol.

You might need a different qualifier for unqualified Db2 objects on each of the database servers. Specify the serialized profile names, one on each line, in a file with the name file-name.

Deploying SQLJ applications

If the connection is to an IBM Cloudscape server, the database is the fully-qualified name of the file that contains the database. Application management command group for the AdminTask object.

Connections that are enabled for connection pooling. When you bind the sqlk, you need to specify the following bind option values: Ensure that you do not overwrite your original serialized profile. The list is a String value that is a comma-separated list of schema names that is enclosed in double quotation marks.


If you specify more than one serialized profile name, and you specify -automaticbind NO, if you want to bind the serialized profiles into a single Db2 package when you run db2sqljbind, you need to specify the same list of serialized profile names, in the same order, in db2sqljcustomize and db2sqljbind.

Cb2 db2sqljcustomize option -longpkgname is specified.

Optionally does online checking to ensure that application variable types sqpj compatible with the corresponding column data types. Command parameters -help Specifies that the SQLJ translator describes each of the options that the translator supports.

The db2sqljcustomize option -longpkgname is not specified. Using the -collection parameter: Using a customized serialized profile at one data source that was customized at another data source: It also creates Db2 packages, if the automaticbind value is YES. You cannot run db2sqljcustomize on individual files, and then group those files when you run db2sqljbind. You can achieve the following with SQL:

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