CX23881 27 DRIVER

Any hopes for better support? I’m on Win2K, and I’m using Dscaler version 4. I’ve heard that it offers better image quality than the older model, but I have no personal experience with it so I cannot say. I’ve been considering this Compro, and also the Leadtek and Asus models. Wed Nov 12, 5: If its not stereo I hope it sounds good enough: Fri Nov 14, 2:

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From that info I’d say that the TV nywhere does support non-dbx stereo after all.

Also, That’s a PAL card, which does me no good. Mar 13, Posts: I’ve been considering this Compro, and also the Leadtek and Asus models. Might I also add that it uses a Philips chipset, rather then the Connexant one I was originally asking cd23881.

Favorite Conexant CX Capture card? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Hopefully, they’ll have someone there who is willing to answer and who knows. Foolish of me, but I seem stuck with these antiquated notions. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google C2x3881. I didn’t work for me though. And if I just wanted Svideo, without the tuner, I would choose the Prolink Xcapture card with the same chip. Wed Nov 19, 1: Mon Nov 17, 5: Anyone have any other info cz23881 the chipsets or have a link to a personal favorite card utilizing one of these chipsets NTSC only pleaseplease post.


re. conexant cx driver

Prospero Ars Praefectus Tribus: Apr 26, Posts: Double click on it. Thu Nov 20, I only use it to capture S-Video from my satellite receiver.

Tue Nov 18, 1: I’m trying to Get as much feedback as possible here. How’s DScaler with the new Conexant chip? I cx233881 highly recommend it.

I t lists the card but it doesnt auto select the tuner part and Dx23881 dont know what to pick since that chip isnt listed Why composite instead of S-Video? I remember reading an earlier thread about it but I couldn’t get it to work.

I’ll need to toy with it.

Favorite Conexant CX23881 Capture card?

For graphedit, you simply run the program, then: The Audio is ok even though it’s mono Extremely clean signal – no “discernable” noise in my system. Jeff Bell is offline. Fri Nov 14, 2: I have the Asus TV card.

Apr 5, Posts: Yeah it is silly, but then most manufacturer’s websites are bad. I’m on Win2K, and I’m using Dscaler version 4.


So anyone want to recommend a specific card that I can actually buy in the US that will fill the bill or give me more information on this Philips chip?

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