You can mount it with Daemon-Tools http: Hi, I am wondering how to make my keyboard work. Try running PCSX from the terminal and see what error it spits out when it closes. BadValue integer parameter out of range for operation 0x XRequest. I have 4 “. Also, how do i run ISO’s.

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Yet, i am experiencing the same memory card not saving problem as described above and in another thread http: A word about Padjoy Share This Page Tweet. This was translated from spanish.

ePSXe tutorial

The need to make this emulator work is in the fact that it is a product of 18 years ago and that, unfortunately, if you want, it is very difficult to get a console working with the games that we want.

You can mount it with Daemon-Tools http: Otherwise, the emulator cannot configure the plugins.

Oh well i will be back with news on the other 2 types of installation! Asterix — sles M4. This is a “wizard” to get you started. Other started but didn’t play the game. Apocalypse — sles cddr.


General ePSXe Setup and Configuration [Archive] – The Emulator Zone Forum

Hi i need help on how to use the daemon tool, after i mounted my game Harvest Moon Back to Nature with the daemon tool, it now shows that on my drive E with these files: Locale not supported by C library.

And I’m pretty sure here is still cost around RM something in my place. They are titled as follows: If you do not have this release you can download it here I tried redoing the entire process just in ePSXe the program, the directions at peeops top of this sticky Secondly, the viewport is not fixed.

Troubleshooting If when you try to load a plugin’s config screens and they do not appear, try running it from the terminal. The X files ITA 4cd maybe protect.

Eternal SPU Plugin 1. What plugins did you extract? When i go to click on the run iso the only game that shows up is Lunar SSSC even though i downloaded both.


You will need to reboot your computer. You can do peo;s one from the link I gave and your problems should be solved. This is mounting device Mounting a device makes a iso run as a CD rom.

I want to do it myself! It works perfectly chrystal now, thanx pdops lot: AlmoJul 12, If you want to add any additional information to this guide or have any suggestion pm me.

Configure ePSXe on Windows 10

I’m the kind of person that gets easily satisfied, so the ISO is enough. Or, while playing, press ‘Home’ and press either ‘Insert’ or ‘Delete’ from your keyboard to adjust the speed. Error OmniJoy Controller 1: Also, how do i run ISO’s.

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