Communication Other versions of the Wizard ship with But it wasn’t as good as some Nokia phones Nokia is the king of RF. The phone runs on the 5. The , the recently released Nokia Communicator and the Treo are Cingular’s three keyboarded smartphone offerings running Windows Mobile, Symbian and the Palm OS respectively. You can, in fact, actually hold it up against your head without feeling like a moron, but most people will still prefer to use a Bluetooth headset or handsfree system. I’ve had my MDA for over a year and couldn’t be happier with it.

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The display supports 65, colors and both portrait and landscape modes. Doing this automatically switches the system to landscape mode. Built in speaker, mic and 2. Have tried the headset on a Blackberry and Sprint version of theworked there. If you’re a moderate user then expect two days on a charge and light users will get three or four days on a charge. If you plan on using the phone in areas of OK to excellent reception, the will work out just fine.

You can download many free utilities for weather,News and many other things to make it more usable like it do.

It basically wouldn’t turn on. When you have a need for more speed and are in range of an access point, turn on the device’s WiFi radio.

So, in short, the device itself is durable, but TMobile skimped on the case.

So thought to write a review. Dual side-firing speakers one on each side handle the speakerphone output which is adequate and better than its CDMA cousin the Apache which uses only the earpiece for speakerphone output.


I have dropped it on all four corners and each one is riddled with cracks. The Mini SD card slot is located up top as is the power button while the sync port is at the bottom.

See the latest cell phones or compare used prices. I finally got fed up with this phone a few weeks xingluar when it wouldn’t hold a charge for a whole day, even on standby. The camera lens, self portrait mirror and LED flash are located in a circle of contrasting dark gray surrounded by the words “1.

Review: Cingular 8125

Battery life, compared to feature phones, don’t earn Pocket PC phone’s bragging rights. Stable and responsive by Windows Mobile 5 standards.

I have also tried getting replacement styluses but these are not stocked by the TMobile stores.

To turn on WiFi, use the Comm Manager application press the dedicated button, tap on the icon at the bottom of the home screen or run it from the Programs group. We normally include Spb Benchmark results, however that application isn’t updated very often lately and has trouble running all tests to conclusion on several Windows Mobile 5 devices including the Photos could use more sharpening, but that’s easily handled with your favorite desktop image editing program.

The TMobile stores are only there to sell phones, they will not help you after the sale other than to tell you to call the support number. These two excellent browsers offer some features that IE lacks, so it’s worth a look if you spend a lot of time web browsing. Descent quality pics 5.


Cingular Pocket PC Phone Review

Most of this review also applies to the Cingularwhich is a version of the Wizard without an embedded camera. Outlook on the PDA has calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and email called Messagingwhich you can sync to a Windows desktop running Outlook. However, after we installed Netfront 3.

Adding to this cinbluar is the misconception that the TMobile stores are useful after the sale of a phone.

When not using the proxy, speeds ranged from to k. As much as I wish that cnigluar could get some slightly more interesting in terms of memory, the currently commoditized quantities have the small virtue of being cheap.

Cingular Review – Pocket PC Phone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

Average speeds range from to Kbits, with highs around and lows of You may set a recording limit if you wish or let it record until your device or Mini SD card runs out of space. Maybe one of your friends will find this review helpful? That said, the and the Wizard in general ckngluar, is a shining star, easily lasting two days with moderate use 40 minutes phone time total using a Bluetooth headset, surfing the web over EDGE for 1.

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