Somebody has modded his own universal AHCI drivers with support for the newer chipsets. There is no repercussion at all if you follow my instructions to use GParted to format a drive that is not using Advanced Format. This was one of the last updates by Microsoft, the End-of-life notification. AHCI will require extra drivers which have to be slipstreamed into the WinXP installation media which is in the next step. Legacy non-UEFI by default.

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Leave a Reply Cancel 888e8036 Your email address will not be published. The solution is in Step 3 http: When you boot an original installation CD, this message will flash for about 3 seconds at the start.

Sony Vaio VGN-SZ3XP/C Windows XP Clean Install

The GParted program will start automatically on boot. You have to be prepared that you might not be able to locate XP drivers at all. Just bootup winxpp the Gparted disk. It might be better to disconnect your Win7 hard disk during the XP installation process as the XP installer might corrupt the Win 7 bootloader.

chipwet Do you have any clues how to solve this? After XP installation, plug back in the Win 7 hard disk and set it to boot first. I mean, from bios I will select where to boot ….


And why do I test this in a VM? MSDN provides legitimate software licenses and disk images of almost every Microsoft product.

Installing Windows XP on a modern unsupported (Haswell) system in | YKM’s corner on the web

Without graphics drivers, the video performance of the OS will be very sluggish. I checked my two Hard Disks installed in my computer from Win7 Disk Management, and it show that both of the hard disks are in MBR partition style in the volume tab.

In this case, it is better not to modify your existing BIOS settings. Contrast this with the complete reference installation on Windows 7 Step 88d8036 Download and slipstream these drivers into your install CD https: Nevertheless, I found someone has made an unofficial Service Pack 4! Talk about going further down memory lane if you want to!

It will reboot to the GUI installer after some time. March 21, at You should see the above if everything is done properly. August 6, at Regarding your hard drive, if you are not sure if it uses Chipseg Format, you can also follow my Gparted instructions anyway.


So the installation process started filling the virtual disk VDI with the contents of Windows but then somewhere within the devices section switched to a bluescreen. Ya the device is cihpset supported by XP.

Somebody has modded his own universal AHCI drivers with support for the newer chipsets. January 3, at A better wknxp in my opinion is to reconfigure your Windows 7 bootloader to give you a choice to boot XP on startup. On top of his steps I usually do this list of non-exhaustive steps also: Before running the installer set the “Wireless” slide switch on the Vaio to on.

The problem

This site maintained by: Most BIOSes should allow you to specify the boot order of the hard disk so yes, you can boot different OSes from different hard disk by modifying the boot order. Remember that in an MBR layout, you can have at most chipsft primary partitions. March 11, at

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