See each listing for international postage options and costs. Sensitivity measures just under 90dB per watt, pretty sensitive, but not amazingly so. Celestion Ditton 15 I iamgine there are a few people here who will remember celestions as being pretty common a couple of decades ago. Compared to more modern designs it was near impossible to spot the seams The Celestion is a pure 4 ohm load, designed to get the most out of those new fangled transistor amplifier things of the period.

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Die cast chassis on Celestion unit, well engineered and constructed. Sensitivity measures just under 90dB per watt, pretty sensitive, but not amazingly so. However I find I now have several pairs of speakers, most of which cost me nothing, that are taking up too much bas

Celestion Ditton Speakers Size: Oh look, it is snowing again! Initial surprise was a much lower level of’coloration’ than I was expecting. Electrically this may not be a three way citton, but acoustically it is. A ring radiator, it was developed in the s by the famous General Electric Company as an accompanying ‘presence unit’ to.

Here we have a pair of 3-way crossover networks from a pair of Celestion Ditton 22 loudspeakers. I had them upgraded with morel tweeters and they sound fantastic. My next experience dotton of their. Skip to main content. The original Ditton 15 is a seriously well engineered loudspeaker, a bargain for the money, something you can play with, and play real music on.


Throw the grills in the bin and rewire internally to tweak them.

Celestion Ditton 15 – Article – Vintage Speakers Review

By the day’s standards, the Ditton 15 is quite a slim, elegant design. The HF tweeter can do some wonderful things in certain circumstances the numerous BBC derivatives for examplebut the Ditton 15 isn’t the best speaker to hear it it uses a more basic magnet assembly I think.

Back of ABR mirrors the front of bads unit, note depth and same acoustic treatment. Celestion ditton 25 Loudspeakers top circular tweeters do not appear to be working although replacement kits are available on eBay In good condition, a few minor scratches but nothing a good polish wo A Strangely Isolated Place in Suffolk with far away trains passing by In Mkll form the tweeter has a plastic housing, and a ceramic magnet mounted onto special shaped pole plates.

It was eventually replaced by the I5XR Nice old chap, cabinets in a state – and every unit busted! Celestion’s affordable Ditton 15 was a popular loudspeaker that sold in cdlestion through the s.

The ‘big daddy’ Celestion Ditton 66 failed to impress me, and neither did the 44, and the tiny 10 came and went.

But dtton impressed was the cohesive nature of the design. The Legend that is Celestion Ditton. I noticed it has a couple of nibbles around the colla The design’s simple first order crossover allowed it to melt into the tweeter at three thousand Hertz.


Simple first order crossover on bass and second order on treble.

The ‘domes’ fitted just did not sound right and even on a good set up you could hear this an almost s “prog rock” sound – and I am not into prog rock so much. Wartime problems forced a merger with British Rola and the name expanded to Rola Celestion for a period.

Celestion Ditton 15 ‘vintage’ Speakers

Whilst in their old cabinets they were brilliant, it is a sound that belies the age of these speakers. One of the speakers has the red screw knob missing but has been replaced by a black one as picture The actual radiating material is phenolic baes, as used in printed circuit board manufacture. A lot were sold to ‘non’ ccelestion who are now clearing the garage out discovering these old wooden boxes, and either taking them to land fill or popping them on that.

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