Media Express Capture, playback, organize, manage media. If it’s designed well it would give USB 3. Place your order by 5pm Mon Dec 31 and your order will ship the same day. Subsequent reboots haven’t produced the error again thankfully. Intensity includes special Photoshop plug-ins, so you can directly capture and output still frames from within Photoshop.

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Final Cut Pro X. I dont know How many people here have the new Shuttle, as its new.

While both chipsets indicate PCIe 2. Is there a tool software of some sort that measures hardware performance, for PCIe slots etc Avid Media Composer has been the choice of professional editors for over 20 years. I recieved mine today. None FireWire may be used for controlling zhuttle cameras Computer Interface: Could my PCIe 2. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. All at the very untensity end of the workstations spectrum. Once Webex saw it, it was available as an option for both audio and video.

Did you happen to find a solution??? And lastly, I needed to hot connect the USB 3 into the computer while Webex was open, otherwise it couldn’t see the Blackmagic.

With a neat and compact design, the Intensity Shuttle is very portable and easy to set up. You get professional editing tools like ripple, roll, slip and slide along with context sensitive trimming shittle that make it fast and easy to edit your story together. What hasn’t been tested by Blackmagic is Bootcamp. I’ll keep you posted, Danny Hays.


After 2 days of trying everything, I can definitely say stay away from this device. What I was hoping and expecting is that I would be able to get the same sort of preview out of the Shuttle and from the analogue outputs windoqs, but so far that is far from the case.

BlackMagic Shuttle not detected : Blackmagic Design

With Windows 7, make sure you run as administrator. Anyway, Darren, have you had any success with capturing from BlackMagic Shuttle? Also, it was necessary to download the latest driver updates, which is what Blackmagic suggests. Alan Scott Ok, thanks for the info, a couple of questions: Set up was easy. Overall a slick looking device but it is cheap for a reason I know this post is 2 years old, but I am in the same predicament.

I have a process down to get the videos converted, and the end product is good. I suspect there are currently limitations at best and bugs at worst in all of them, which conspire together to make the current combination sometimes behave in unpredictable ways. They have just recently changed the file you get. Can guess the only boards tested were P55 X58 and they didn’t want to go back a couple of generations of chipsets to make sure they workedl somewhat understandable or there is some known latency issues with the P35, P45 boards not very well documented in regards to USB 3.


BlackMagic Shuttle not detected

I’ll try in at home with 64 bit and same M. That’s what I wanted it to do, and it does. The Intensity Shuttle has performed better than expected, delivering a razor sharp image with excellent sound quality to my valued customers. All slots are wired for it.

Intensity lets you capture, edit, monitor and playback with Media Composer 7, making it the shtutle choice for professionals who need the best Avid workflow on Mac OS X and Windows 8. Sorry, just noticed a typo I just about had a panic attack on a fresh install of Win7 x64 and the 7.

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