In their demo the Web Server can be accessed via the Ethernet. I tried this but didnt see any network packets going around. This document contains specifications for a wide variety of real and anticipated communications devices, including ACM serial and Ethernet Control Model. There is no other way to completely reverse the effect of a driver installation. I would like to hear your suggestions on the following: The INF provided to you was only for demo purpose, If you want to ship one with your device, then please check with Microsoft. To secure a fully functional, signed solution, customers will need to execute a Software License and Distribution Agreement.

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Bepcarra USBLAN driver recognizes the type of device by the type of configuration presented by lsn device during enumeration.

Please enter a title. When all the steps have been completed successfully, the Hardware Manager or Device Manager, depending on Windows version will show a new network interface. One more thing I need you to confirm is by opening up the “Networking and Sharing Center” in Windows or a packet sniffer program, please verify if packets are actually transmitted over the interface when you enter a ping command.

BELCARRA USBLAN: Deployment Guide – USBLAN Version

Therefore, we used netperf. In the case of Windows 7, restore points are set automatically.


Potential conflict if there is a collision. Arcturus has numerous semiconductor and OEM customers and partners and leverages these relationships to help reduce time-to-market and risk. Things work fine You can ping the i. Windows matches USB drivers based on the following. Sometime in Windows, few bdlcarra like anti-virus tend to block traffic on suspicious interfaces. Makse sure the driver is getting installed from Windows Update.

The correct version is automatically selected when the driver is installed.

For simple network stress testing, Belcarra recommends command-line web servers and clients on both ends of the link:. In addition, the Control Panel will also show a new Network Lxn. The INF provided to you was only for demo purpose, If you want to ship one with your device, then please check with Microsoft.

Other simple test procedures include: Address Management and Device Discovery. I am using a debugger to trace the path. The requirements for signing driver kits for Windows have changed as of Januaryspecifically: This is an optional procedure, but the following instruction screens make that assumption.

Belcarra builds an INF based on matching rules provided by the customer. Demo on Windows Update. Please note this is an evaluation version only and will run for 30 minutes at a time.


Therefore, the network segment terminates at the device, and there are only two nodes on the network: This version contains EEM support with a small but fatal bug which we belxarra already documented in earlier work.

Could you please help me with the configurationif bslcarra feature is availble?


The connected devices will have dynamic addresses, and therefore a discovery process will be needed see following section. Output file retrieved is discarded. I tried this but didnt see any network packets going around. MAC address used by the device.

To use this demo version of This paperis the first in a series and will provide an overview o After setting up the Windows machine and the device as described above, boot the device if necessarybut do not connect the USB cable yet.

Please note that the evaluation version of the driver will only operate for 60 minutes at a time.

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