RossKerwood Home user Member since how did you find mapping for your Behringers? You can download it here 6. Tue Mar 14, Your name or email address: August 23, at 9: I wonder what has happened? On the other hand the included software and drivers are absolutely abhorrent, PC only affairs with broken midi implementation.

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What can I do this to work finally. I’ll try to get a working PPC build up by next weekend.

Forum: Old versions

I am using VDJ 6. All button and controller assignments are fixed in the device. Korg hasn’t updated the kontrol 49 fer shit in over a year so I’ve heard. This is absolutely stellar news for users, and shockingly poor form from Behringer.

BCD MIDI Driver Download and Install | Mac

February 1, at 3: July 23, at 4: I’ve not read all the comments on his site tbh as I’ve not got a Mac but iirc it’s just a midi driver and was advising people to buy a soundcard, last time I read his site. Osx is plug and play with almost anything.


On the other hand the included software and drivers are absolutely abhorrent, PC only affairs with broken midi implementation. Any other frustrated BCD owners out there willing to bcd200 in to fund work on this?

On the second line of the file, you’ll see this towards the end: At this point you may get a license reminder from Mandolane. Also, feel free to comment. Thu Mar 30, 2: Rather than waiting for those to appear which they probably won’t I decided to have a go myself.

This driver is being developed entirely independently from Behringer. The BCR editing software is still at beta and as a. If that still doesn’t fix it, drop me a note and we’ll try to sort it out together.

I think I may have found it. My first subject is Behringer’s BCD Is it spotted at the Messe?

Posted Fri 30 Jul 10 7: What are you waiting for? I’ve got sound, but no sound from headphones, I’ve tried creating an aggregated device however i can’t see bcd on the list for one and also i can only get 4 inputs and 2 out puts, which used to be 4 in and 4 out Hi All, I still have to figure out how to get it to work, I’ve tried soundflower however no luck maybe i’m not setting it up properly, I’ve been using the 16 channel option in soundflower but that’s doesn’t seem to work either?


Currently only MIDI in and output works.


MaxMay 15, I hope to incorporate similar functionality inside the driver in the future, eliminating the need for the hack. February 3, at 4: If it doesn’t, something’s wrong.

Which means a reasonable amount of pain is implied when trying to configure Traktor for the BCD Do you know what message should I send to BD to achieve that? Unzip the package, and copy ‘plumstoneserv.

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