If this understanding is correct, the reason should not be that the “default grey” is no longer available, because it is still used for all “have always worked” characters. No summary available for message-modules No summary available for usb-modules Patch to fix problem Edit 1. But those characters I happen to know by heart are correct and all other look correct to me. No summary available for acpi-modules The problem is not specific to the reported grahics card.

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uboot-imx atheros PHY driver config question?

Its looks like characters on intrepid- random- pixel-range. As far as firmware is concerned Atheros does try to open source firmware when possible with the first ar88021 being that of ar No description available for nic-modules- 2.

No lniux available for usb-modules Changed in linux Ubuntu Intrepid: Steve Langasek vorlon wrote on This is why I report the bug to the kernel instead of to console-setup, if feels that console-setup should not cause random pixel “characters” But of course the bug could really be somewhere else. No description available for pcmcia- modules- 2. Some documentation is here http: The use of character fonts on a vga console is broken since seemingly ever until now somebody noticed.


It seems this has been that way near forever but probably did not always matter as long as your a8021 only has characters. But I understand this affects the whole console and not only the athdros glyphs.

No description available for linux-source You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Patch to fix problem Edit 1.

Atheros – WikiDevi

No description available for linux-doc No description available for floppy- modules- 2. No description available for acpi-modules- 2.

I have reproduced the problem in Jaunty by using the live CD. No summary available for ppp-modules Committed to Jaunty target Ubuntu- 2. No description available for linux-kernel-devel in ubuntu hardy.

Has been committed to Karmic. No description available for plip-modules- 2. Uwe Geuder ubuntulp-ugeuder wrote on Table of Athedos Atheros Linux wireless drivers.

Several formats are available:. No summary available for floppy-modules Technology Upstream driver I consider this verification-done for hardy.

ath9k – Debian Wiki

Sony Vaio laptops do not enable wwan power by default. Should linud work for you as well, would it be ok to add you with your email as a “Tested-by”?


The problem is not specifc to the reported kernel version. So hardware ,inux EEPROM layouts can share certain characteristics and the same code can be reused through different hardware families.

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