Click OK to complete the operation. Screw the mounting brackets to the back of the SN as described in step 1 of the wall mounting procedure. Monospaced Indicates text that you should key in. Install front and side stabilizers on a single rack or front stabilizers for joined multiple racks before working on the rack. The diagram shows the SN without the DC terminal connector installed.

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Open a terminal command line on your computer. Continue through the setup screens to complete the driver installation. To configure the settings for a group, select it from the list in the left panel. It is divided into four main panels, as described below: The screen will prompt you as to the correct character. OpenLDAP Server Installation After downloading the program, launch the installer, select your language, accept the license and choose the target installation directory.

Select SSH from the Protocol buttons. There are three items on the menu as described in the table below: The zn3101 telnet port is To backup your configuration settings, do the following: Administration Continued from previous page.


For the Connect using: If you want to enable SNMP trap functionality, click to put a xn3101 in the checkbox. Write the LDIF file and create the database entries in init. The meanings of the property settings are given in the following table: Screw the mounting brackets to the wall.

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Administration Backup Backup provides the means to backup and restore your SN configuration settings: On your computer, open a terminal command line session. Reenter the password to confirm that it is correct. Key in a password for the configuration file, then click Save.

Open a Command Prompt. The changes that you make to the various settings described belowaffect all the members of the selected group.

DCD is ON at all times. Java is available for free download from the Sun Java website: If this is the first time you are accessing this function, or no user accounts have been created yet, the following screen displays: Click New to begin setting up user accounts. Troubleshooting Operation problems can be due to a variety of causes. Please review it before proceeding. In UDP mode, communications are bilateral. When you have finished building all your serial tunnels, click Cancel to close the dialog box.


This chapter describes the installation, features, and use of the utility.

ATEN SNAX-G : User manual

Important safety information regarding the placement of this device is provided on page Save them for future reference. For example, [Enter] means to press the Enter key. Operating Modes that require advanced settings include: The working mode refers to the setting for the port that was specified when the port was configured.

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