In the case of the Ion we see they are numerous. Recommendations for Purchase of New Laptop! These purpose-built devices deliver an affordable basic computing experience and easy access to the Internet. This is a very stylish and small system which impressed us and our readers greatly, especially considering it was ASRock’s first attempt at such a product. This would have been nice for people like me that carry family photos, digital movies and music on phones and flash drives.

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Firstly, we were a little shocked to hear of a second generation, almost a refresh of the first version, we think.

Instead, we put the new baby on show and put together an unboxing and undressing video to really get up close and personal with the new tiny PC. ASRock OC Tuner is a user-friendly ASRock overclocking tool which allows you to guard your system by hardware monitor function and overclock your hardware devices to get the best system performance. More intensive CPU and RAM tests include calculations that run for hours instead of minutes and better test system stress levels.

Back to the system now. Fast forward several months and ASRock continues on the good thing it has with this product and comes out with the second generation of its ION series of nettop small computers. For connecting to a network a hard-wired LAN is provided. Because of the small components that are used the board is not overcrowded by any means. But they do allow us to keep more of our money in pockets at the end of the month. Read more on these topics: Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.


ASRock Ion 330HT-BD media centre PC

It’s not even that much more expensive than a regular media streamer. Before we get into the examination of the system I would like to say a few things about the Atom Processor as it needs a paragraph or two of its own. In a move that can only be considered as insane, Intel went with the old power hungry G chipset for supporting the Atom.

This is miniscule compared to the power draw of even an energy-efficient LCD television, let alone a power-hungry PlayStation arock or Xbox The program can be used to also test the stability of a particular overclocking speed.

Asrock did a great job getting everything packed inside the tiny enclosure. Subsystem Tests and More.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. Milk crate PC case. For all the praise and support iin Intel Atom processor has received so far, there is just one big problem that all solutions based on it have had to face from day one: From the start these little laptops have been a huge hit with college students, people on the go and the individual just looking for an inexpensive way to browse the internet.

Asrock Ion HT-BD Nettop Review > The Trouble with Atom – TechSpot

If a computer can calculate PI to the 32 millionth vidro after the decimal without a mistake, it is considered moderately stable in terms of RAM and CPU performance. We really like the looks of the Nettop but we did find that it was short on the external connections.

We know that the system uses a dual core Atom processor which is being cooled by the aluminum heatsink with the active cooling sitting off to the right.


This is the route we took as asgock is the best for video playback. Maybe it’s because it plays to the gadget lover in us, but we think it’s a fantastic product and a great sign of the future of home theatre PCs.

Asrock Ion running on 42″ TFT with HDMI – video dailymotion

Even with everything working with the RC install of Win7 we still updated all drivers with the newest ones. Being my first time in such a small enclosure I was impress to see how much Asrock was about to fit in here.

Our website is supported by our sponsors with advertisements that use Javascript to rotate the banners. In our our WorldBench 6 benchmarks the PC videoo 35, which is on par with other low-power Atom systems we’ve tested.

Operating at a front bus of MHz at 1MB of total cache it is able to multitask at a moderate level.

After adrock troubled experiences playing video on an older Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbookwhich uses an older Atom processor and an inferior graphics adapter, the Ion HT-BD’s hardware video acceleration was a godsend. It’s head and shoulders above any Blu-ray player or media streamer in terms of functionality, and its tiny size and small ecological footprint mean you can set it up next to your television and forget about turning it off.

It all depends on how you build up such iion rig.

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