Not sure if it might be the screens at fault which are a lot cheaper to replace than a logic board! Depending on the model, if the warranty is not valid it will cost you a certain apercentage of the phone’s price. Mar 28, Jan 15, 4: Posted on Oct 6, I unplugged it from my computer just to let it charge for a while to see if I can get anything to change.

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The strangest thing to me is that several people have this issue but the phone literally hasn’t suffered any damage or trauma that would cause a hardware issue yet the software end of things won’t resolve itself.

Mar 28, I’ve seen some actual Apple employees post on the discussions but nothing useful; the typical have you read the troubleshooting steps, here’s some links to error messages, nad That means a conductive surface to work on, with a conductive wrist strap that is connected by wire to the conductive surface. Unable to update or restore http: Luckily i love what i do so i went deep into it till i found what was causing the problem.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Feb 21, This was done on an iPhone 5. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. I’m trying to meet with my friend who fixed it tomorrow so hopefully she will see a simple solution.


I’ve tried to restore it, and the only reason I did was because my internet connection gave out with less than an hour left, but now I’m rethinking my decision.

View answer in context. This helphs worked discconect camera flex and phone update i will replace the display with new 1.

Above is the error that I started receiving this morning. Well I was using my iphone 5, When Nov 22, 4: It’s really pretty much impossible to diagnose a hardware fault without proper test equipment. I’be tried to restart etc, and may have accidentally wiped out my phone by putting it in recovery mode.

Apple Nudging Smartphone Makers to Boost NAND

This worked for me, hopefully it works for you. Mar 20, My main question is should I risk restoring the phone, and hoping that works? Ask a nad Reset. And problem fix, phone turned on perfectly, no codes. Jan 26, 8: I also dropped my phone in the sink last night, but it was in its life proof, dried immediately and kept working fine.


what is physical nand block offset 16 – Apple Community

When I restart, it either just stays on the apple start up screen or the error message came up again. Yes I know, I’ve voided the warranties, blah, blah blah, please don’t crucify me. If the issue cannot be resolved E92MAC,your solution worked like a charm.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Depending on the model, if the warranty is not valid it will cost you a certain apercentage of the appld price.

Apple will charge you for it depending if it is still under warranty or not. After a few minutes once it had enough power to start, the Apple logo displayed normally for a few seconds and then the screen went dim and displayed the above error.

I’ve seen a few other people who have also had this issue, and their problem turned out to be some kind of lpn flex thing, or a main logic board.

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