Scoring III tempo assignment. Probably some people have issues with the IAC bus just because it’s bidirectional. I agree that there are a lot of forum postings about timing, jitter, and other issues with the IAC Bus. I will eventually probably move my whole template from VEpro network to hosting in standalone on each slave-PC, getting the audio to the main machine via Madi stream. Mar 05 7: How to tweak EXS instruments.

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Uac to get to the server. Cubase doesn’t recall midi send settings with track presets, so I can’t disable the midi tracks! Notice the change of TYPE of cable!

From Logic to Pro Tools. I’m using the IAC bus since many years without any problems and latency less than 1ms.

With the slaves, the number of midi channels being provided by MidiOverLan would be enough, but since I need additional routing options to Max, I could use a lot of additional virtual ports on the main machine. Wk 10 fast turnaround film aple aka “Stew”. Only the “unlimited” part seems to be the missing thing ATM.


Pro Tools – end of year review And max tells Cubase, which tracks midi Sends to enable. Mar 05 5: Amon Tobin – interview in S.

Monoplugs Forum

Lab Equipment Checkout Form. Vienna – due Tuesday at 1pm. Wk 2 – Mixing Assignment. The Logic Tape Delay Trick.

Set up MIDI devices using Audio MIDI Setup on Mac

Comparison of Sunni and Shiite Islam. How to slave Pro Tools to Logic. Apple Pro Tools Stuff. Sign in to reply. I process the hardware midi in max and send it to Cubase via IAC, as you suggested. How to create a bus in Logic. Scoring III Project updated!

This way I get full feedback of CCs for max to send to my tablet running lemur. I have been using those a long time, but I keep reading they are an old mdi from OS9 and not reliable, although I have so far not noticed it, except for a slight latency Manual authorization, support cases, and manual order processing will be delayed.


Mar 05 8: The Lab Writing and Drawing Assignment. Yes, I do it similarly.

How to use the IAC Driver – MFA Lab

Where is 33 E. Would IAC still be reliable with such dense streams of mid data on 64 or more ports?

Wk 3 – “Cop that Sound” Mix. Week 6 Magic Magi Mix. How to use the IAC Driver. I have just programmed a generic remote for apppe miditrack template to let max know, which track is selected.

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