I have a socket and simply followed your description for the use of the blue inserts, which was spot on. So I’m pretty sure I have it connected the same as you guys. The unit comes with thermal paste pre-applied to the base of the cold plate. For the socket these were the inside holes closest to the retention ring. For the socket use the holes marked

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With the radiator and pump installed, power is sourced by connecting both fans to the pump via the attached cables, and a single three-pin cable then runs from the pump to the motherboard’s CPU fan header. On our Gigabyte board the connector used pins 2, 4, 6, and 8 while pin 10 is shown in the empty hole. If you do not want to register, fill this field only and the name will be used as user kuhlee for your post.

Antec Kühler H2O 920 – USB Connection Issue, any help is appreciated.

So I’m pretty sure I have it connected the same as you guys. I wonder if they have started including this ring as an adapter for their existing brackets. Goes into the CPU fan connector 3: When doing any such job I will first think through the sequence of tasks, to avoid creating physical difficulties further in the process.

Check USB connection on device and restart the chill control application. The rear-most fan can be installed outside of your chassis if you’re struggling for room, but we had no such problems in our cavernous Obsidian Series D. For the socket these were the inside holes closest to the retention ring. Hello all, same problem here. The installation process is practically identical to the Hydro H70 which you can us about in greater detail over here and involves a few simple steps.


You mentioned that one pin on the mother board wont be used for the cpu four pin, how are you supposed to know which way it goes, cause I couldnt get it to work no matter which way i hooked it up, jsb, my computer wouldnt even start, I was scared I thought my mobo was shot until I put my old cpu fan back in.

There are three connections for the December 19, at We recently installed this liquid cooling system without any difficulty and wanted to share our experience with anyone it …Read the Rest. If you hooked it up to the bottom matching the missing pin with the missing pin on your header, you burnt it up, RMA it if you can.

Looks, cooling, functionality, noise, and price are important considerations when qntec a case, but …Read the Rest.

Antec Kuhler USB issue | [H]ard|Forum

Juhler am having a problem inserting the pump. I’ve emailed Antec with no response. Installing the fans and pump assembly: With the method you described all this was done for me. The housing is only 1.

The penultimate step involves sliding the pump – which has thermal paste neatly pre-applied – into the retention ring, twisting it slightly until it locks into place and fastening the screws. Appreciate it very much.


I called Antec about it and they said it goes onto the pump housing that is screwed to the MB. Do Not install the second fan yet. Such solutions arrive as a single, sealed unit, and they offer a few key benefits – they’re self-contained, so you never see the liquid kyhler woodthey feature a compact and lightweight pump that typically puts less weight on a motherboard than a high-end kuhldr cooler, and they require little-to-no experience to use.

Once the retention ring is in place, the radiator – sandwiched by the two user-replaceable fans – is screwed to one of your chassis’ spare mm fan mounts.

Antec Kuhler USB Issue | MyBroadband

We have installed several of these units and have had no problems. The contents of my package were slightly different from the ones that you describe in two respects. We turned the fans so the wiring was closest to the holes usbb the top of the motherboard tray. I appreciate your help.

Tablets Laptops and Netbooks Phones. The Antec Kuhler H2O also has soft flexible rubber tubing, rather than stiff corrugated tubing.

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