I am not sure what GB receives on but some of the software instruments in GB, like the organs, they only receive on channel 1 I think thats the right channel. The problem is when I want to trigger another drum machine or VST sampler in real time from my drum kit. Ive downloaded the midi monitor and extracted the zip, however, i cannot find an application to run. Employee May 12, Oh so I’m not the only one who does that, eh? The set is a bit too big, I guess, but when you’re used to it I would like to ask what is probably a stupid question.

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But thank you for your comments and help. I would be buying a roland by the looks of it. Hi James, Thanks for posting.

Everything is light up but the midi out light. I don’t know if my Drum Brain is having a problem. Not ideally for someone that improvises a bit It gives me a freakin’ headache! Essentials Only Full Version.

My main concern is the recording though. That is why I am completely baffled. It takes a bit of time to set one up to start with, but it’s pretty cool, because unlike the standard piano roll, the drum map only shows you the notes you want to see, named what you want them named, and in the order you understand them best. I have a DM5 myself, just record all your midi drums to one track, then go to Process at the top of Sonar, select Run CAL it will ask you for your source track then your destination track, midi note, push the buton and watch the magic happen each note will be asigned to its own track all you have to do is name them.


I think you can also use a drum map to send each drum to a different track. You can record MIDI, to trigger sounds elsewhere or to re-trigger the module later; but it’s only trigger info, not audio. Audio Speciality level out of ten: Arm each track and record. Thankful I am, Deen. I’ll stick to you in the future, and maybe I’ll be able to pay it forward some day Login or Sign Up.

After much Googling that was suggested quite a bit. I have tried two different cables and two different windows laptops.

Official Representatives Bill R. The more I think about it the more hype Kidi get. Thankful I am, Deen No gain, no pain Found out it only blinks like this when I change the channel.

Ableton Forum • View topic – Anyone use a Alesis DM5 or other drum trigger brain w/ Live?

Dm5 through ezdrummer I have a dm5 connected to ezdrummer on my laptop via a USB midi cable. If the channel is on 00, then there is no blinking. It should be set to channel 10 as a midi midj standard channel. Sun Aug 20, View answer in context. If you are using a midi to USB converter that’s different.


Need help with Sonar 4 and Alesis DM5 (midi recording)

But MIDI won’t get the sounds of your module to the computer. Hi all, Kidi time this forum was really helpfull so im going to try it again.

I sure hope so. So try OMNI to start and see if that does the trick on input and chan 11 or whatever on output.

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