Remove battery pack and let it cool for two hours. Setting the camera resolution to x or larger does not change the capture window size. Power indicator Indicates the computer’s power status. For multiple users, the face tracking feature automatically centers all the users’ face in the capture window, otherwise the utility centers the face of the user closest to the camera. If errors occur, do the following procedures in sequence to correct the problems. Optimising Battery Life Please ensure that the resolution setting of the second monitor is set to the manufacturer’s recommended value.

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Finally, click Apply to confirm the new settings and click OK to complete the process. The Video Effect Selection window appears as below: If the problem remains, replace the following FRU one at a time.

Replace the touch pad PCB. If the User Password is set and Password on boot is enabled, the system will pop up the password dialog box to ask for the password when the system is powered on or resumes for S4 state.

Some of them show information about a hardware device, for example, the size of memory installed. External display does not work correctly.


An audible noise from the power adaptor does not always 920 a defect. Using Video Effects selected models only The Video Settings section allows you to select an avatar or accessory video effect from the list.

Device Settings allows you to change the camera brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness, etc.

Acer Orbicam Aspire – Microsoft Community

Disconnect the MDC board cable. User-created backups are stored on D: Unlock those latches with a screw driver as shown then detach the touch pad bracket. Lcd Pixel Statement Be sure to remember or write down your password.

Release the connector lock and disconnect the touch pad FFC. By default, all photos and videos are saved in the My Pictures and My Videos folder. Disconnecting From The Desktop Carefully disconnect the MDC cable. It features the following handy utilities: This item will show the COU clock speed. Follow the instructions in the message window. You may choose any one of the four display settings indicated below: Acer eNet Management automatically detects the best settings for a new location, while offering you the freedom to manually adjust the settings to match your needs, simply by right clicking on the icon in the task bar.


Select Click once Tap once Drag Click and hold.

Then Separate the lower case from the upper case. Get more Video Effects online Setting the camera resolution to x or larger does not change the capture window size. Using The Keyboard Key Icon Description Windows key ss Press alone.

Acer Orbicam Aspire 9420

I tew Specific Help Supervisor Password controls access of the whole setup utility. Remove the Heatsink Module 1.

Release the four screws securing the left and right speakers. The size is fixed to KB. For Acer authorized service providers, your Acer office may have a different part number code from those given in 9240 FRU list of this printed service guide.

Release the screw holding the inverter board. Typ Access time typical DVD:

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