See Platform Support below for details. This cable can only be used on voltage-signalling UPSes, and apparently only provides the On Battery signal. In my case, ups0 is the UPS powering the UPS server running the multiple apcupsd instances, so only ups0 should initiate a shutdown of the local machine. This caused the shutdown process to hang after the daemon tried to shut-off the ups. Finally, double-check the state of your cabling and UPS indicator lights frequently during testing. Slackware systems are fully supported, and by following the standard installation instructions given above, you should experience few or no problems. The success of apcupsd is due to the many people that helped in development, testing and in many other ways.

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It’s fundamentally stupid and self-defeating, but it’s the kind of stupid that tends to sound good at an executive meeting. To accomplish this execute one of the following commands as root depending on your distribution, RedHat, SuSE or Mandriva, respectively:. If this is not the case, review the possible problems listed above. However, normally, you will want apcupsd started automatically when your system boots. One primary server will be chosen to manage the task of commanding the UPS to power down.

We don’t recommend that use it to build you build one yourself.

Consequently, you should not invoke it directly. The default username on a new card is ” apc ” and the default passphrase is ” admin user phrase “. This addition will ce the operating system from interfering with apcupsd. This is higher than for Unix systems. The event name, and a number of other important parameters are passed to the script.


The solution to the problem is to add a rule distribuhion the udev rules file.

For the serial port DB9F connector, the pin numbers are stamped in the instapl near each pin. In this case, normally not more than about bytes of data will be kept before it is discarded by the system. Item 3 can be used to abort a Battery Calibration in progress, if you some how became disconnected.

Generally you will have three options: The apcupsd philosophy is that all logging should be done through the syslog facility see: It is this last step that will cause apcupsd to be re-executed with the –killpower option on the command line. This is not the default on most systems. When the system tray icon turns from a question mark into a plugright click on it and a menu will appear.

This timer starts only when the UPS is running on batteries. So while you could technically build a package without defining a platform, or with an incorrect platform, and have it install and run it would not contain correct dependency information for the rpm database.

The client opens a connection to the server and sends a message, to sipports the server will reply with one or more messages.

He then built one from his diagram and it works perfectly. If you plan to use a USB connection, please read the appropriate subsection in its entirety.


In that case, you will need to artificially load the UPS with light bulbs or other means. There are significant differences in the procedures on each system, as well as the location of the halt script.

APCUPSD User Manual

It has been speculated that this is because the battery constant value has drifted so far from normal that the microprocessor in the UPS cannot correct it. But it’s easy to prevent this, and you should. If you are not sure that logins are disabled for the port, run the ‘admintool’ program as root, and disable the port. Most likely you will be left with an unusable system. The bottom line for apcupsd on such a system is that if the hiddevN is not created when you plug in your Fhat, apcupsd will terminate with an error.

[Chapter 5] Linux Kernel Configuration

Likewise, shutting down apcupsd should be done with the same script:. After the decision to replace the batteries, you will face another decision almost immediately: I even uninstalled and reinstalled virtualbox together with virtualbox-dkms, since I was having kernel issuesbut the problem remains.

If you run into problems, check the apcupsd liux email list archive for similar problems.

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