The DAQ Channel Wizard helps you configure analog and digital channels by name so you can use those names in your program. Continue project Do pre-lab before lab. The firmwave version is 4. When you write your own program with an instrument driver, remember to call Initialize first, followed by the series of subvis you want to use to control the instrument, and finally the Close subvi to close the instrument session. How To Use Visa Calls

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B Lightwave Multimeter | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

Go to the front panel and select the Operating tool. Line Power Connection Click Finish to configure your analog input channel.

Choose Remove While Loop from this pop-up menu. Attenuator Menu Options This can be done on More information. This example shows how to single-step through a VI and insert probes to monitor your data while the VI runs You can complete this activity in labvied 5 minutes From the pop-up menu on the output wire of the Random Number function, choose Probe.


Use any text editor to open data. In these courses, our applications engineers give you concentrated instruction as well as design tips for the LabVIEW development environment. Use the Instrument Wizard to communicate with your 8613b.

Agilent b Lightwave Measurement System LabVIEW is a dataflow system. To create a wire, click the Random Number function, move your pointer to the Random Plot chart, and click again to terminate the wire.

Use a Local Variable Drawbacks: The Close VI then closes communication with the instrument. Running A Logging Application Short Form And Long Form See search results instead: The functions More information.

The While Loop now flashes, indicating that the program is executing in single-step mode.

x VXI Plug&Play Driver | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

The Unregister Mainframe Function Visa Programming Examples You also can insert probes to examine data values in detail during program execution.

Click the Step Over button to step over the Random Number function. Analysing A Pact Measurement Additional Cleaning Information Installing The Agilent x Instrument Driver Also, the driver has built-in expert knowledge of the triggering and sampling behavior of the power meters, which relieves programmers from studying hardware details.


Place the chart on the front panel and label it Random Plot. You then can open a Getting Started VI to learn how to program with an instrument driver You can complete this activity in approximately 5 minutes.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 8163A

Click the Step Into button on the toolbar. For information about system configuration requirements or installation instructions, see Appendix A, Installation Instructions.

Click the Run button to see the data chart. Changed Parameter Syntax And Semantics This font also is used for the proper names of disk drives, paths, directories, programs, filenames, and extensions. The Status Model LabVIEW empowers you to build your own solutions for scientific and engineering systems.

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