July 9, at 7: Claiming linux support is false advertising. Here is the email exchanges:. Thanks for publishing this. June 21, at April 25, at 2: Write cache not catch means that the memory on the card caches the writes so that the OS can go on, and then as the drives can handle the data it writes it out.

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Proudly powered by WordPress. You will need to build the driver from http: June 4, at They seem to hire the type of engineers Adaptec used to do. November 6, at 7: August 23, at 6: This was way back in about May 11, at That means that things can go on without waiting for the drives to finish writing, but it also means that a power outage could leave you without all your data, because the 1420da might not be written out.


Adaptec is not a company someone really need today. I mean come on.

I hate throwing money away!! Thanks for publishing this.

Adaptec sa Serial ATA II RAID Card Aarsa | eBay

The list of non Windows operating systems that they do support is meager at best and only includes versions that aaptec at least a year old. Now, a word from Adaptec: Hello Brent, thanks for keeping this blog alive.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Must using CentOS 5 Linux version 2.

Adaptec 1420SA is JUNK!

Even the most expensive ones are slower than almost anything else. January 8, at 7: With a low-end Adaptec fake-raid in a server with slow CPU, it is probably more cost effective to buy a complete new server, install the OS, controller card and adqptec the array from there.

December 11, at 5: Thank you very much Brent for taking the time back then to write this blog. Justin, so did some aspect of their driver suddenly make the card a true hardware RAID card?


Posted on September 7, by Brent. October 4, at 9: Then perhaps it could be put to some useā€¦. I shoulda found this page before I bought this crap. Light them up boys!!! September 8, at 7: April 24, at 5: ClarkConnect Forums by ClearFoundation: BSOD with a 0xb. Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4. April 25, at 4: Well, bye adapted Adaptec.

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